Emilia Tarrant – Black & White

Black & White is the second single and first original track that Emilia Tarrant has released. 100% written and composed by the artist this is the follow up to 150k streamed debut release ‘‘If you want love’, a cover version of the superb NF original. Both of Emilia’s tracks have been produced, recorded and mixed by Danton Supple (Coldplay). If you want love’ was featured for 3 mins in the UK’s biggest reality show Love Island. Emilia says “the song is about mental state. The inability to understand your own emotions and why they are there because there are too many. This ‘cloud’ of emotion causes you to therefore move through life in mental circles, hence ‘falling back into the same routine’. I wrote the song whilst staying in the south of France during summer. The storms kept me up through the night alike my emotions. Really liked the metaphorical imagery of emotions as storms, things you want to, but can’t control. Any way you turn, you’re stuck in that same circle, can’t shake off the ‘devil’ on your shoulder.”