Arleen Hurtado – How to use a fan for flamenco

Arleen Hurtado grew up in southern California, training in jazz, ballet and tap dance. In these years, she discovered Flamenco which is now her profession and she teaches classes, choreographs and performs in this style. For the past 18 years, Arleen has performed worldwide and toured throughout America showcasing her phenomenal talent.  

She has also toured and performed in United Arab Emirates, Lebanon, Spain, Italy, Croatia, China and India. As well as the travelling, Arleen has featured in music videos, tv commercials and magazines. She is now based in Los Angeles where she teaches weekly flamenco classes and still performs and tours around America. Arleen Hurtado as she introduces the foundational movements and posture of flamenco dance in a fun and easy way. You’ll learn a flamenco song, how to count the rhythm, flamenco arm and hand styling, hip movements, basic footwork patterns and essential skirt styling and you’ll get a fun combo at the end to put everything together.