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Richard Murray - Inside Story

The brilliant Belfast alt-country star in an exclusive interview about his relationship with Jeeni.

Creature. Inside Story

Exclusive Creature. Inside Story with Holly Tarrant.

Rain by Bradley Jago

Rain - a beautiful, honest and revealing track from Jeeni favourite Bradley Jago.

Inside Story - Bradley Jago

Bradley Jago exclusive interview with Frances Miller

Cold, by Martha Eve

Cold, the new single from Jeeni discovery Martha Eve

Nayana - Inside Story

Inside Story interview with Nayana by Frances Miller

Final Curtain, by Joseph Hunt

brand new release from Diamond In The Rough EP

My My My, by Patrick Kenny

Written and performed by Patrick Kenny, dancer Maica Lopez, Paul Booth saxophone.

Wat A Ting, by Zeeteah Massiah

Title track from the new album by Jeeni Ambassador Zeeteah Massiah

Inside Story - the making of Wat A Ting

Zeeteah Massiah, the inside story on making her new album Wat A Ting

Always In Your Corner

Pete Wyer's christmas 2022 special

Baby Girl, by Zeeteah Massiah

Baby Girl from the wonderful Zeeteah Massiah

In My Mind, by Izzy T

Izzy T - In My Mind, directed by Shan Snowling