Keithian – Power

#Power​ is the first music video from Keithian's Power EP.

Keithian – Ride Out

Music video for Ride Out performed by Keithian. Directed By: Darrin Bush

Keithian – Dancing To My Pain

“Dancing to my pain”, the next single from Keithian’s upcoming EP “To My Pain,” comes off the heels of his viral hit “Pillow Talk” which was released earlier this summer.

Keithian – Communicate (Official Music Video)

“Communicate is a song written about a real experience. I had a friend that committed suicide and felt that if she was able to communicate with me or her other friends, then we could have saved her. This is a testament to Mental Health, my cry to anyone who is going through anything and doesn't feel like you would be heard. You will be heard, no one should be silenced, if you have any issue, concern, or feel anyway, you allowed to SPEAK UP! COMMUNICATE!” - Keithian

Keithian – Eye Candy (audio)

Eye Candy is a single from Keithian's ... to my Pain (EP).

Keithian – Pillow Talk (audio)

Pillow Talk is the 2nd single from Keithian's ... to my Pain (EP).

Keithian – Birds (Audio)

Birds is the first single from Keithian's ... to my Pain (EP).

Keithian – The Weird One

Music video for The Weird performed by Keithian. Produced by: WorKs Entertainment Group

Keithian – Betty Ford

Keithian - Betty Ford (Official Music Video)

KEITHIAN – Butterflies

KEITHIAN - Butterflies (Official Music Video) [HD]