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Angel from Montgomery w/ Lucy Layton

Richard Murray with Lucy Layton, Angel From Montgomery

We Can Work This, by Gavin Bushell

Gavin Bushell – funk guitar, plays We Can Work This.

In the Mist of Reality – Original by Natasha Jaffe for Cello Quartet

A song for those moments where your path isn't clear or your daily routine has your thoughts clouded. Filmed in the Canadian Rockies.

Cello Water Music – Original by Natasha Jaffe for Cello Trio

Music for sitting by the water, and for following the flow of life. Part of the album "Cello in Bloom" by Natasha Jaffe available on Bandcamp.

The Original 'Bolero on one Cello'

In 2004, Stringfever came up with the idea of performing a piece, all on one instrument at the same time. The result was 'Ravel's Bolero played on one cello' and has subsequently become one of their most popular numbers, with more than 1.2million views on YouTube.

Canopy – Anna Heaven Original song

Canopy • Anna Heaven • Original song • Live Vocal Piano Cello

Red Cello Loop Song

This original piece by Carol Thorns was filmed in Cape Town, South Africa. The composition was created using a Loop Station and Bos Flanger.

Simply Three – Troubled Soul (Original Song)

Troubled Soul is without a doubt our darkest song but the music video was a whole different story from the track.

Simply Three – Feel That Fire (Original Song)

Original cello song by Simply Thee Feel that Fire is our first single from our upcoming second original album

Underground Railroad – Original Cello Song

Adelia (age 11) has only been playing cello for about a year. The other day, she said this melody just popped into her head.

Meditate And Rest With This Music

Meditation music with woodwind instruments.