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Original Animation – Valley of White Birds

Original animated short film Valley of White Birds By 'Wolfsmoke'

Meri Double Chin | Faakhir | Lockdown Song

Meri Double Chin song is inspired by the Covid19 lockdown. Faakhir’s kids Simone & Naael came up with the lyrics of the song, #MeriDoubleChin. Recorded in the comfort of their Dad’s home studio. It’s their first serious musical effort! Enjoy.

Hridaan Rangoonwala-2nd Round Song For IMRAN's Super Melodious Singing Competitio

Hridaan Rangoonwala-2nd Round Song For IMRAN's Super Melodious Voice Free Online Singing Competitio Hridaan Rangoonwala is a very Talented singer from Mumbai Maharashtra, This is his second round song for IMRAN's Super Melodious Presents Free Online Legends singer Songs Singing Competition Season 5

The Cheung Sisters – Patreon Comission

Electro Asian Music The Erhu is a two-stringed bowed musical instrument which may also be called a Southern Fiddle, and sometimes known in the Western world as the Chinese violin or a Chinese two-stringed

Peter Crowley – Dance Of The Sun

Dance Of The Sun (Epic Asian Music)

Chinese Fantasy Music – Night of the Soaring Dragon

This song has two titles, one is the English that you see, the other one is this: 群龍乘星. It's Mandarin Chinese and could be translated roughly into "dragons riding on the stars", but it sounds way better in Chinese than in English, that's why I made the English title different, while still trying to keep it closely related.

Beautiful Asian Music – Ryūjin's Lullaby

This one is a song inspired by japanese culture, although it is not in a japanese music scale (I think), I used a lot of Japanese intruments which they give the song an oriental feeling. I hope you'll enjoy it!

Epic Chinese Music – Mulan

Epic Chinese music about the legendary woman warrior called Mulan ... or Hua Mulan. This music that I composed is called Mulan. I hope you enjoy it!

Kkev – Sayuri (Asian Music)

Kkev - Sayuri | Epic Beautiful Asian Music

Samuele Birolini – The Dragon Warrior

Samuele Birolini - The Dragon Warrior FANTASY ASIAN MUSIC

Kkev – Sayuri (Original Composition)

Kkev - Sayuri (Original Composition) Epic Beautiful Majestic Asian Music