Chant 23 Videos

Girl – Jesus Hooligan

Girl · Jesus Hooligan · Stephen Joseph Patrick Brunton Touch Pure Passion

Stay (Natural) – Jesus Hooligan

Stay (Natural) · Jesus Hooligan Natural Noise

Say (Natural) – Jesus Hooligan

Say (Natural) · Jesus Hooligan Natural Noise

Yeah – Jesus Hooligan

Yeah · Jesus Hooligan Swamp Stomp

Rain – Jesus Hooligan

Rain · Jesus Hooligan Swamp Stomp

On The Day Of Brid – The Heartsong Project

The Day Of Brid- Féile Bríde - St. Brigid's Day. This is a meditative harmonic chant of prayer and celebration, of Brigit's Festival which falls each year on the first few days of February, the last days of winter.

Celtic Music – Ancient Storm

A new Celtic song and the beginning of a new story. Since I finished the story arc around „Prophecy" I knew that it was not the end, I could feel that the silence that had followed was nothing more than my muse holding its breath, ready to unleash a new storm. This song is the start of a new story arc, a song to walk with our ancestors from a long forgotten past and to witness the fulfillment of the prophecy, only to unleash a new storm and give rise to a new legend.

African Chant – Garrett Jones

African Chant - Original Music All tracks were created, composed and sang/played by myself.

Eric Whitacre – The Seal Lullaby

Beautiful choral piece, never used for it's original incarnation.

Tenebrae Choir – 'Miserere mei, Deus ' – Allegri

Beautiful choral piece, with the choir being filmed at St Bartholomew The Great, in London.

Stay, by Jesus Hooligan's Natural Noise

Stay, by Jesus Hooligan's Natural Noise

Rising, by Rose Coloured World

Rising, by Rose Coloured World