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Voice Lessons for Beginners

Superior Singing Method is a professional online vocal lessons program which allows you to: -maximize your vocal skills lightning fast -develop yourself into a stand-out, professional sounding vocalist -learn and review videos online 24 hours a day

How to Sing Opera | Classical Singing

Hello, Tarabyte’s, Today ill be going over Opera Singing! Be sure to subscribe and join the Tarabyte"s!

gorgeous ballet hairstyles anyone can do

Hey guys, I hope you liked today’s video! I showed you guys how to do 4 different ballet hairstyles for class or performances. These hairstyles are honestly giving me liiiffeeeee.

Dancer Hacks For Performance Day | Dance Tips | STEEZY.CO

We get it. Performance days are long, hard, and long and hard. Here’s a couple of tips to have a great performance day.

Dancer Tips: Performance Prep

Hear from RPM dancers themselves! Learn some tips from Madeline on preparing for ballet and dance performances.

How to Sing for Beginners: 7 Easy Tips to Start Now

Want to learn to sing in the easiest possible way for beginners? These 7 tips are the perfect starting point if you’re hoping to improve your voice.

6 Tips For Overcoming Performance Anxiety

There are millions of people in the world that experience performance anxiety to some degree and it can cause a lot of issues with a persons self esteem over time. If you suffer from performance anxiety then be sure to watch this video the whole way through as it will show you how to overcome performance anxiety by using six simple but effective tips and techniques.

How To Perform on Stage for BEGINNERS | First Time Performing? 12 Tips!

12 tips to get you on that stage for beginners! This will help start your music career and boost your confidence through my own personal experience!

Sharron Goodyear – Branding

My experience as an award-winning photographer and has seen me travel the world with my work. I have been fortunate enough to have been selected twice as a speaker at the world’s biggest photography convention for wedding and portrait photographers in Las Vegas. I have also photographed weddings and pre-wedding shoots in New York, Portugal,

How To Improve Your Stage Presence

Today we're looking at how you can rock out like a boss. Guitarist/Songwriter/Samurai

5 Basic Songwriting Tips | For Beginners

These are my songwriting tips for beginners based on my personal experience to help get you started. :)

How to Write Great Lyrics – 5 Tips for Beginners!

In recent weeks I've talked a lot about songwriting, and how using music as a creative outlet has driven my progress more than anything else. In today's session I'm going to break-down my top 5 tips for beginner lyricist. We'll discuss common themes, finding inspiration, rhyming schemes, and story development.