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5 Tips on Taking Press Shots for Musicians | PLUS BTS

Working with musicians, photographing images for press use, was one of the things that first got me into photography, and it's something that I still do on a regular basis. For me, connecting and working with amazing musicians is a highlight of my job.

Tips for Photographing Musicians by Jaden D

Jaden is a portrait photographer who specializes in musician portraits. His background as a musician allows him to more easily connect with his subjects and create a more comfortable environment and better capture their personalities.

Concert Photography Tutorial (Low Light Tips!)

In this video, we talk about how to get started with concert photography and some tips and techniques to put into practice when shooting live music. Check out the photos here:​

Ideal Camera settings for Gig and Theatre photography

In this video I offer Five Top Tips for setting up your camera ready to take photos at gigs, at theatres, your kid's nativity play, your mate's stand-up comedy routine, and other live events that are oftentimes dark, have strobing lights, changing colours, and moving people. The settings maximise the light taken into the camera so you can capture crisp images of bands, actors, singers, etc.


In this one I thought I'd give some of my introductory tips for music photography as it was requested by some of you on my Instagram.


Last week I asked you on Twitter to submit your concert photography for me to edit, and since then I have done just that! I'll be going over some broad photo editing techniques using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, as well as talking about my process. Not a photo editing tutorial, but if you would like one just let me know in the comments!

Shooting an album cover : Music Photography

BTS with bluesman Robert Royem, as I show you a little bit of what it is like shooting with a musician for album covers, posters etc.

How to shoot a music video – the basics

How to shoot a music video - the basics What you need to do on set to make your life far easier in editing!

Electric Guitars hand made in the UK!

Introducing the Bailey range of electric guitars - Bandsman, Curve, Exotica and Special Edition. All Bailey Guitars are handmade in the UK using only renewable energy.

OD Guitars – building a full custom guitar

A movie by Ron Minis | building of a custom OD Guitar from start to finish by luthier Omer Deutsch

Career Advice on becoming a Guitar Maker by Peter T (Full Version)

Peter T designs, makes and repairs guitars and teaches others how to make them. He is based at Cockpit Arts.

How to Design Your Own Guitar – Overview

The final lecture of the introductory section. I summarise the design process and you get a flavour - don't worry if the video seems a bit fast - I go over each element in more detail on the course.