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15 types of Guitar Teachers

Lucas Brar - 15 types of Guitar Teachers

How to shoot a music video – the basics

How to shoot a music video - the basics What you need to do on set to make your life far easier in editing!

A BEGINNER'S GUIDE to Recording (Part 1: Equipment)

Hey guys! I hope you enjoy the first part of this Beginner's Guide to Recording series! Stay tuned for the next videos where I will touch on getting your recording started, editing, and mixing! Let me know your thoughts/questions in the comments :) All links are down below! Thanks for watching!

5 Alternatives to a Music Video (Cheaper and BETTER RESULTS)

In this video, Alex covers the 5 best alternatives to music videos which will build your reach and attract a new audience to your music. These alternatives can be curating others content and adding your music, creating original content or collaborating with others who already have an audience.

Joe White Guitar Maker

Master Guitar Luthier and repairer, one of lifes true gentlemen.

Tips for Photographing Musicians by Jaden D

Jaden is a portrait photographer who specializes in musician portraits. His background as a musician allows him to more easily connect with his subjects and create a more comfortable environment and better capture their personalities.

Shooting an album cover : Music Photography

BTS with bluesman Robert Royem, as I show you a little bit of what it is like shooting with a musician for album covers, posters etc.


Last week I asked you on Twitter to submit your concert photography for me to edit, and since then I have done just that! I'll be going over some broad photo editing techniques using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, as well as talking about my process. Not a photo editing tutorial, but if you would like one just let me know in the comments!

Home Music Studio Equipment – Essentials for Beginners

This is a "brief" overview of the equipment essentials I think every home studio needs. Within each category, I will breakdown some of my favorite specific pieces and also touch on the equipment that I use.


In this one I thought I'd give some of my introductory tips for music photography as it was requested by some of you on my Instagram.

Learn Piano In 4 Minutes

In this video, Jacques shows beginners they don't need sheet music or years or boring practice to start playing songs on the piano. Traditional piano lessons are geared toward people that want to be professional pianists. Regular people just want to learn quickly and play some tunes they like.

What music gear do you actually need?

In this video I talk about all different types of music and stage gear to use! Mic accessories: Rode PSA1 Boom Arm​ Pop filter