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Dance Competition Stage Makeup Full Face Tutorial

Hey guys! Thanks for watching this video! This is my tutorial for stage makeup! It's definitely not your normal every day look, but it looks beautiful on stage! I hope this video was helpful! xoxo

5 Alternatives to a Music Video (Cheaper and BETTER RESULTS)

In this video, Alex covers the 5 best alternatives to music videos which will build your reach and attract a new audience to your music. These alternatives can be curating others content and adding your music, creating original content or collaborating with others who already have an audience.

What You'll Need to Gig

Running through the live setup for a look at some stuff you might need to get a live acoustic rig up and on the road!


Hey, let me know which look is your fave!!! hope everyone is healthy and safe, quarantine content coming soon!!

Electric Guitars hand made in the UK!

Introducing the Bailey range of electric guitars - Bandsman, Curve, Exotica and Special Edition. All Bailey Guitars are handmade in the UK using only renewable energy.

9 Small Tips To Help You Become A Better Musical Artist

In this series, popular hip hop influencer Patrick Cc: gives insight to the many ways in which artists should approach their online musical careers. Each video will serve as a direct educational tool for musical artists and will explain in detail the steps to take for success. Patrick felt like there was a lacking of FREE information out there for aspiring artists.

Vocal Recording Equipment – VoxFX Ep. 8

In this video, I talk about all the different equipment needed to record great vocals. It's a longer video, but it's enough to get you started. Part 6 of my "Getting a Great Vocal Sound" series.

How to Write Great Lyrics – 5 Tips for Beginners!

In recent weeks I've talked a lot about songwriting, and how using music as a creative outlet has driven my progress more than anything else. In today's session I'm going to break-down my top 5 tips for beginner lyricist. We'll discuss common themes, finding inspiration, rhyming schemes, and story development.

Dance Competition Makeup Tutorial!!!

This is a makeup tutorial for dance competitions!! This is our first nice!! If you have any questions leave them in the comments below!!

Beginner Guitar Lessons for Kids – Introduction

Guitar For Kids is a special package of lessons designed specifically for children ages 6-11 years old. The 24 lesson course teaches kids the fundamentals of music through the guitar. Basic guitar fundamentals, chords, and songs such as This Little Light of Mine, Happy Birthday, and much more are included in the lessons.

Building an Acoustic Guitar (Full Montage)

My favorite stuff on amazon:​ Essential Sharpener for guitar building:

Ideal Camera settings for Gig and Theatre photography

In this video I offer Five Top Tips for setting up your camera ready to take photos at gigs, at theatres, your kid's nativity play, your mate's stand-up comedy routine, and other live events that are oftentimes dark, have strobing lights, changing colours, and moving people. The settings maximise the light taken into the camera so you can capture crisp images of bands, actors, singers, etc.