Jazz 95 Videos

Logan J Parker – My Faith is Hard to Follow

Audio: Written and composed by Logan J. Parker Video: Filmed by Logan J Parker and Rita Parker Directed and Edited by Logan J Parker

It's Beginning To Snow – Thisbe Vos (Original Christmas Jazz Song)

From the album "A Jazzy Christmas," now on iTunes and Amazon.

Gershwin medley for woodwind quintet

Gershwin medley for woodwind quintet

Ryan Welton –

Original song called "Don't You Miss That, Too?" was an exercise in writing quickly, writing music from the subconscious. Quickly, with little thinking.

Levi Matza – One Day – Keyboard

A live loop version of a song I wrote a few years back, this version was made to celebrate the release of my Band Gnarwall's new album

Levi Matza – Cruisin'

Cruisin' (Original Live Chillhop/Jazz Song) w/ Keyboard Solo

@2Saxy + @Augiebello – 'Finally'

Impromptu collaboration in Times Square, NYC!

Unchained Melody – Saxophone Music by Johnny Ferreira

http://howtoplaysaxophone.org/love-so... Download the Eb and Bb saxophone sheet music and play along backing tracks and learn this classic love song today.

Czardas (Vittorio Monti) – "차르다쉬"

Czardas (Vittorio Monti) - Alto Saxophone solo