Meditation and Relaxation 28 Videos

On The Day Of Brid – The Heartsong Project

The Day Of Brid- Féile Bríde - St. Brigid's Day. This is a meditative harmonic chant of prayer and celebration, of Brigit's Festival which falls each year on the first few days of February, the last days of winter.

Meditate And Rest With This Music

Meditation music with woodwind instruments.

Music For Flying and Dreams "Forget Your Sorrows"

"Forget Your Sorrows" - woodwind music by Wuauquikuna

The Sound of Silence – Sonidos del Silencio

The Sound of Silence - Sonidos del Silencio Panflute and quenacho - Wuauquikuna

Cinematic Scenery – The Will of Destiny (Part 1) | Celtic Music

This music, is intended to motivate you, assist with meditation, exercise, study, sleep, self-reflection, and more... Please subscribe if you enjoy this and find it helpful.

Slow Ballet 4/4 (Slow Ballet Music Version)

Slow Ballet 4/4 (Slow Ballet Music Version) · Ballet Music Maestro Ballet Music: Solo Instrumental Ballet Piano Songs

Music Box Ballet (erick j medina original)

What motivates me to make more original music is when I read your comments on how you interpret the music I make on kalimba. It's surprising how you put words on my music.

The Cheung Sisters – Patreon Comission

Electro Asian Music The Erhu is a two-stringed bowed musical instrument which may also be called a Southern Fiddle, and sometimes known in the Western world as the Chinese violin or a Chinese two-stringed

Peter Crowley – Dance Of The Sun

Dance Of The Sun (Epic Asian Music)

Chinese Fantasy Music – Night of the Soaring Dragon

This song has two titles, one is the English that you see, the other one is this: 群龍乘星. It's Mandarin Chinese and could be translated roughly into "dragons riding on the stars", but it sounds way better in Chinese than in English, that's why I made the English title different, while still trying to keep it closely related.

Beautiful Asian Music – Ryūjin's Lullaby

This one is a song inspired by japanese culture, although it is not in a japanese music scale (I think), I used a lot of Japanese intruments which they give the song an oriental feeling. I hope you'll enjoy it!