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Kiss The Tinder.

This Poetry Short is, therefore, a true collaboration. Global restraints from continental distance to COVID-19 have not curbed our resourcefulness. The project has only just begun. This poem was published in June in American Journal “The Starlight Emporium” along with a collection of my other work. “Kiss the Tinder” by Sammie Venn Kiss the tinder, fall in love with the ashes The storm destroys the pain with lashes Indigo shards, incandescent stains Life blood flowing, ripped like veins. Lightening shreds the Arial sky It punches, spits and angrily cries Glorifying the night with celestial screams Mother Nature voices her savage dreams. Dancing with Hope, thunder follows alongside, For now there is nowhere in the world to hide. Like a love-lorn couple they rampantly combust Tears of anguish wash away rage and lust. "Kiss the Tinder" Poetry Fil by Sammie Venn Sound Design by Joe Churchman Contact details Sammie Venn 07966006257 Facebook: @bellesmisadventures Twitter: @BMisadventures LinkedIn : Sammie Venn Joe Churchman 07776237636 LinkedIn : Joe Churchman

The Sand And The Rock, short story

The Sand And The Rock, short story

Halu – short story

Halu - short story

Love, by Kioni "Popcorn" Marshall

Love, by Kioni “Popcorn” Marshall

You're Really Something by The Wild Things.

‘You’re Really Something’ by The Wild Things from their debut album. Directed by Rob Kendrick.