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Catharsis, by BlueVein

BlueVein is the performance persona of Alex Gonzalez. This track, Catharsis, was premiered on the Jeeni JAM Festival in  April 2021.

TommyLeeDepp – Memories (Original Bass Composition)

I hope you like this original melodic bass composition of mine called "Memories"! :) I used piccolo strings, lots of harmonics and reverb!

Tommy Lee Depp – Waves Original Song.

Original melodic bass composition by Tommy called 'Waves' .

Kissing The Flint – Unconditionality -Studio Version Video

Title track of Kissing The Flint's debut EP recorded at High Lion Studio, Queensland, Australia. All video stills courtesy of Photopia Studio, Queensland, Australia thanks to funding and support from the Gladstone Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF). Unconditionality is a word that is an umbrella for the perspective that we should accept ourselves and others as they are, unconditionally, and not seek to change, bend or shape them into someone else.

Kissing The Flint – She-Oak Affair – Official Music Video

Official Music Video filmed by Wezley Pitt (Wezzy Cruze) Videography with still photography by William Debois of Photopia Studio, Gladstone, Queensland, Australia thanks to support from the Gladstone Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF). Shot on location in our local community of Deepwater in recovery from our November 2018 major bushfire - at our own off-grid 40 acre property and Wreck Rock beach in the National Park. This track reminds us to slow down in this all-too-often fast-paced world and appreciate the small joys in life as often as possible. The best things in life are really free!

Kissing The Flint – Fare Thee Well Lament – Studio Version

Recorded at High Lion Studio, QLD, Australia. Video footage filmed on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne, Northumberland, UK by Ken Chynoweth-Tidy. Nominated for Australian Celtic Song Of The Year 2020. This song explores Celtic imagery and our belief that this life is not the end - we will meet those we love again, somewhere in time.

Kissing The Flint – I Won't Look Back – Official Music Video

Official Music Video by Kissing The Flint from the EP Unconditionality. Filmed on location by Wezley Pitt (Wezzy Cruze) Videography around our local Queensland, Australia community of Deepwater, Baffle Creek and Rules Beach in recovery from our November 2018 bushfire. Biggest love and thanks to the Gladstone Regional Arts Development Fund for its valuable support.

7 Mile & Skyler Jett – Can I Come Over

Can I Come Over by 7 Mile & Skyler Jett (audio)

SPRUNG ON YOU by Da Future ft OP1, Skyler Jett & Reo Varnado (Official Video )

A sweet song of love by a 10 year old poet with a vision to elevate the consciousness of the youth and the wisdom to bridge the generations.

Olivia King, Kingsley – Up to Something (Lyric Video)

Up to Something (Lyric Video) | New Music | Pop Music 2019

The Bar Stool Preachers – One Fool Down

Feast your ears on the first ever released song from The Bar Stool Preachers! Soon to be coming to a venue near you... If you like what you hear, check us out.

The Bar Stool Preachers – Bar Stool Preacher

Prepare your ears for the second ever single by The Bar Stool Preachers. Comment, share, get in touch... We want to hear from all of you!