L.A.M.E. (Losers Always Make Excuses), by Naëve

London based singer songwriter and ‘genreless’ Old school music composer. Naëve is a modern Alice in Wonderland. She is the innocent eyes of a child that sees the world with optimism in spite of everything. Her songs sublimely incorporate soul, Motown, Old School R&B, rockabilly, rock’n roll, Gospel, Swing Jazz, Blues and much more.

Chad LB Virtual Big Band – Giant Steps

Chad LB Virtual Big Band - Giant Steps

One World, by The Global Messengers – Skyler Jett and Friction

One World, by The Global Messengers - Skyler Jett and Friction

Aimee Norris – "Beginning to End" (Cello Music)

The Darkest Cello Music - "Beginning to End"

Left And Right, by Jerry Williams

Left and Right, by Jerry Williams: unsigned, self-funded and self-releasing 21-year- old Indie pop singer songwriter from Portsmouth who draws her inspiration from her life growing up and the lives of others around her, Jerry has self-released 3 eps and is currently producing her debut album.

This Race Called Life – a beautiful inspirational short-story

This is another story about life and how we live it and what to look out for in this race called life!!



Epic Chinese Music – Mulan

Epic Chinese music about the legendary woman warrior called Mulan ... or Hua Mulan. This music that I composed is called Mulan. I hope you enjoy it!

Justin Johnson – 'Ghost of a Mountain'

More masterclass footage of Justin Johnson and his awesome playing.

Winter Wishes // POMPLAMOOSE Christmas Song (original)

Happy Christmas, everyone!! An original Christmas song by Pomplamoose.

I Don't Live for Christmas – A JMH Original

Merry Christmas Fam! Hope you dig my new original Christmas song "I Don't Live for Christmas! (Link to the full album below) Let me know what you think!!

Two Little Girls Emma Garriott

Two Little Girls Emma Garriott This is my main music video for my album Sad White Girl Angst and the story about me and my best friend Daisy Nettleton. I love you my little duck! TW: domestic violence, eating disorders, and reference to self-harm. Sad White Girl Angst is available on youtube, bandcamp, and partially on soundcloud. It will be available on all streaming platforms in a week when I release the third video for the album so stay tuned spotify and itunes users. I will also be selling hard copies as well if you are interested. Bandcamp: Soundcloud:

I Don't Have To Go, by Glenn Shilstone

I Don't Have To Go, by Glenn Lone Wolf Shilstone

Oriental Deep House Sax – 'Esperanza' by Yarden Saxophone

This is an original track I produced called Esperanza. Playing this track felt like saying a prayer, and I felt it suits these hard days where the whole world is dealing with covid-19.

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, by Keithian and Shereen Cheong

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, by Keithian and Shereen Cheong

Charles Yang – Motion for Solo Violin – Original Composition

"Having always wanted to perform a piece of classical virtuosity with the freedom of bluesy improv, I decided to write this piece entitled, "Motion".

DICE – Beatbox Freestyle Appetizer

What's up! 🙂 Long time no see,,! It's been a while since I uploaded my OWBC 2020 videos. Before starting uploading my new YouTube contents, here is my freestyle appetizer video. It's 100% freestyle, so I really hope you enjoy listening to my freestyle & improvisation

Jalikunda African Drums

Jalikunda African Drums take the Montserrat African Music Festival by storm

Ryan Gregory Floyd – Analog Girl

Ryan Gregory Floyd - Analog Girl (New Indie Folk / Country Song 2015)

Kiann – Forgotten (Dubstep Violin Original Song)

Kiann - Forgotten, from the Album "Velvet Dream" (C) 2015 Treigia Records All Rights Reserved. Original music written and arranged by Kiann

Guajira Guantanamera – Cuarteto Caney

Composed by Cuban Joséito Fernández, who used to sing it on his radio show with verses accustomed to the latest news. He recorded the song in 1940 as A Mi Madre (Guajira Guantanamera) on Victor 83240 B.

Joy, by Naëve

Naëve is a singer/songwriter based in London. Her songs combine different genres from Old School R&B.

Original Composition 4: A Tango

Here's a little piece of music I came up with a little while ago.

Newschooled – Angels (Folk/Ska Version)

Original song by us (Newschooled), re-done as a folky ska version...By us. Just because. (2018)

Cumbia Sobre El Mar

Cumbia Sobre El Mar · Quantic Flowering Inferno · Mejia

I Saw The Light – Ransomed Bluegrass

We've recorded another great gospel bluegrass song! We hope you enjoy and share it with others. Thank you for all the encouraging comments on our last video, I'll Fly Away.

In the Mist of Reality – Original by Natasha Jaffe for Cello Quartet

A song for those moments where your path isn't clear or your daily routine has your thoughts clouded. Filmed in the Canadian Rockies.

Angel from Montgomery w/ Lucy Layton

Richard Murray with Lucy Layton, Angel From Montgomery

Chris Baker No Ordinary Sunrise Original Mix

Chris Baker No Ordinary Sunrise Original Mix

Mariachi Chavez – El Cascabel

Mariachi Chavez presents their first official music video, a stage performance where they interpret the popular son jarocho El Cascabel.

Beautiful Asian Music – Ryūjin's Lullaby

This one is a song inspired by japanese culture, although it is not in a japanese music scale (I think), I used a lot of Japanese intruments which they give the song an oriental feeling. I hope you'll enjoy it!

Masaka Kids Africana Dancing Tweyagale By Eddy Kenzo

Edrisah Musuuza, popularly known as Eddy Kenzo is a Ugandan native whose life story is nothing short of magical.

Oh Corona – AmandaLP Music (Original) (Covid-19 Lockdown Song)

I wrote this song and then came up with the melody for it during the Covid-19 pandemic and I asked my Uncle, Terry Payne, to join me by playing the music to accompany it.

The Walls Group – 'He's Got the Whole World'

Harmonies for Harmony and Peace with The Walls Group

Hannah Rebekah – Alt Folk Traveling Musician

ALT FOLK TRAVELING MUSICIAN (INDIE FOLK POP IN MONACO)! // Original song “Suncatcher” by Hannah Rebekah in Monaco 2019. Thanks for listening!

Aliens Are Too Cool For This Planet

create your own professional website: Thank you Wix for sponsoring this video! 3 COOL ALIENS - EPISODE 1 let's start rockin boys!

Ska Music

Ska Music · The Skankaroos DANCE ALL DAY Music

Original Ska Music

Original Ska · Sugar Minnot Ska Time, Vol. 1

Voyager – Taylor Davis (Original Song) Violin

Written, Performed, Produced and Mixed by Taylor Davis Thank you guys for watching! The more you view/like/share or support me by purchasing my songs or on Patreon, the more I'll be able to produce higher quality content like this to share on my channel!

sorrow – original composition (violin & piano)

I wrote this piece in 2008 when I was 17, it started as a piano solo but i felt it needed more so I wrote a melody for a clarinet to go on top. Having sent a recording of this to my friend who plays the violin he asked me to arrange a version for violin and piano and we recorded it together.

Emotional Violin Music – Big Sister (Original Composition)

Lenth : ~ 3 minutes Level : Easy Genre : Modern Classic

CUBA: Authentic Cuban music in Havana's bars

Let's go to the Old City of Cuba and let's pause for a few minutes so that we can watch a local group playing authentic Cuban music in one of the bars of the city.

Pa Mi Cuba Me Voy – Cuban song by Xavier Calvera

Heart felt song about going to Cuba by Cuban singer-songwriter Xavier Calvera. Cancion acerca de ir para Cuba pro canta-autor cubano.

"Playa del Sol" – Original Cuban Bolero song

I wrote this song a few years back as a Rumba, but recently decided to re-record it as a Cuban Bolero.

Cuban Musicians – Hermanos Peña (Chindo & Tati)

Jorge took his car, a 1981 Lada, to Tony’s Garage for a repair. No trip to the garage is complete without a song from Jorge on requinto and his brother Luis on guitar. Wait for the change in rhythm with Tony and his father start dancing.

Red Cello Loop Song

This original piece by Carol Thorns was filmed in Cape Town, South Africa. The composition was created using a Loop Station and Bos Flanger.

Cello Water Music – Original by Natasha Jaffe for Cello Trio

Music for sitting by the water, and for following the flow of life. Part of the album "Cello in Bloom" by Natasha Jaffe available on Bandcamp.

Dignity, by Nesdi Jones

Nesdi Jones – I’m a singer and rapper in Welsh, English, Hindi and Punjabi. I Fusion pop and R&B with Bhangra. Here’s my latest release Dignity hope you’ll enjoy it

Love, by Kioni "Popcorn" Marshall

Love, by Kioni “Popcorn” Marshall

Mr. Bobby, by Afro Fiesta featuring I-Taweh

Mr. Bobby, by Afro Fiesta featuring I-Taweh

When This World Ends, by The Bar Stool Preachers

When This World Ends, by The Bar Stool Preachers

Sonique, I Put A Spell On You

These key words help fans find my video using the smart search. I should include things like the track title, artist name, background, location, music styles, influences, and production credits.

Magic Mambo, Zeeteah Massiah

Magic Mambo. A home-made micro-blockbuster by Zeeteah Massiah. From the album Juice. Directed by Paul Caplin.

Heaven Help Us All, Zeeteah Massiah

Heaven Help Us All, Zeeteah Massiah - Diamond Jubilee Concert

You Don't Know, by Zeeteah Massiah

You Don’t Know, made at home by Paul Caplin and Zeeteah Massiah. Black Lives Matter.

Tolan Shaw – Unstoppable (acoustic)

Acoustic version of Tolan Shaw's original song "Unstoppable," live from the wilderness. Guitar: Taylor 814 ce Recorded live for The Level (youtube channel)

Chick's Pain Sax Solo (Laura Doyon)

Here's an oldie but goodie for you all ! I just re-discovered this video of Laura Doyon recording the original sax solo on Chick's Pain !

DSLR – Original Song – From Lockdown

When someone asks what I've been doing in lockdown.

Find Da Wae (animation) — Song by CG5

why did i make this?! Go sub to CG5's Channel! He wrote the amazing song that went along with the video!

Cold Hands (Original Christmas Duet) | Sam Tsui & Casey Breves

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone! Since some our favorite Christmas songs are the jazz standard Christmas “classics” we wanted to create a new holiday tune that pays homage to that style - hope this song evokes all those timeless, warm holiday feelings this winter season - and if you like, please add this track to your favorite Holiday playlists so we can make this a classic too!

Not a Usual December Song – Original Christmas Single, Natalie Moran

In a world that feels so wrong i couldn't write a usual December song this year. However may we all be forever hopeful to reunite to those not by our sides but in our hearts

Metal Instrumental (original)

Metal Instrumental | Metalized | Prod. by Painkiller Beatz

Skadon (Original Ska Instrumental)

Skadon Original Ska Instrumental Tuning Standard - Bass: E, A ,D, G. Guitar: E, A ,D, G, B, E

Arif Sounds – I'm Still Loving You (Original Ska)

Arif Sounds - I'm Still Loving You Album : Original & Sontanity 2020

True or False original violin music

top violin covers 2018 Solo is available on iTunes:

Guantanamera – Cuban Music

Guantanamera · Ima America Musikreise: Cuba

Juana La Cubana

Juana La Cubana · Fito Olivares Y Su Grupo

LeoBeatz – Amazonia (Afro House mix)

Afro House 2019 - Africa Mix Music

The Hillbilly Gypsies Bluegrass in 4k UHD

The band is best known for their high-energy live performances and have become a crowd favorite at major festivals, fairs and concert venues all across the mid-Atlantic region and abroad. They perform in the old fashioned style, playing around a single vintage ribbon microphone.

Angels in Heaven – Chris Rodrigues & the Spoon Lady

Currently, this is one of our favorite songs to play! let us know what you think below in the comments. The next play music on the porch day is August 3,1 2019.

Southern Raised Bluegrass Performs

All Aboard for a toe tapping Bluegrass classic called the Orange Blossom Special! keep a lookout for a flare of classical! Hey y'all, thanks for watching our video! please like, share, and subscribe to our channel! stay tuned for exciting NEW videos coming soon!

Music For Flying and Dreams "Forget Your Sorrows"

"Forget Your Sorrows" - woodwind music by Wuauquikuna

Meditate And Rest With This Music

Meditation music with woodwind instruments.

Simply Three – Feel That Fire (Original Song)

Original cello song by Simply Thee Feel that Fire is our first single from our upcoming second original album

Simply Three – Troubled Soul (Original Song)

Troubled Soul is without a doubt our darkest song but the music video was a whole different story from the track.

Canopy – Anna Heaven Original song

Canopy • Anna Heaven • Original song • Live Vocal Piano Cello

The Original 'Bolero on one Cello'

In 2004, Stringfever came up with the idea of performing a piece, all on one instrument at the same time. The result was 'Ravel's Bolero played on one cello' and has subsequently become one of their most popular numbers, with more than 1.2million views on YouTube.

We Can Work This, by Gavin Bushell

Gavin Bushell – funk guitar, plays We Can Work This.

3 Act Circus (Noush Like Sploosh)

3 Act Circus is a recently completed experimental collaborative art project. It brings together two award winning photographers, an award winning visual artist and a singer/songwriter/animator/stage designer, all based in Dubai. Together the 4 young and enthusiastic artists have produced a striking and inspired avant garde video piece, what they call an ‘illustrated song’, to Read More

Nusantara, sung by the Resonanz Children's Choir

The Resonanz Children’s Choir – Jakarta, Indonesia, Avip Priatna, Founder & Music Director. Song Title : NUSANTARA. Music Composer & Arranger : Elwin Hendrijanto – @elwinhendrijanto. Lyrics : Jesslyn Juniata – @jesslynjuniata

Dvarionas Decennary Music School perform Bizet – Les Toreadors

Youth Symphony Orchestra of B.Dvarionas Decennary Music School perform Georges Bizet - Les Toreadors, Baltic States festival.

Surfing Up To Castle Rock, by Richard Murray

Surfing Up To Castle Rock, by Richard Murray

Audrey Reid Competition winner_ The Thing – Issac Shatford – Dunedin Youth Orchestra

The Thing – Issac Shatford, performed  by the Dunedin Youth Orchestra

Betalehemu – performed by the Forte Toronto Gay Men's Chorus

Betalehemu – performed by the Forte Toronto Gay Men’s Chorus

Kitty Monster, Rock'n'Roll

Kitty Monster, Rock’n’Roll

Godzilla, by sub9k, produced by Gosuto

Godzilla, Subzilla by sub9k, produced by Gosuto

Bands, by Hella Sketchy, produced by Gosuto (Rob Boyce)

Bands, by Hella Sketchy, produced by Gosuto (Rob Boyce)

Emily Rose Sparkes – tap dance

Emily Rose Sparkes – tap dance

Loose Wiring (Official Music Video)

Loose Wiring (Official Music Video)

Suzi Quatro, bass guitar masterclass 1

Suzi Quatro, bass guitar masterclass 1

Raffi Arto – The Blues Kid plays boogie woogie piano

Raffi Arto - The Blues Kid plays boogie woogie piano

Blue, by Logan J Parker

Blue, by Logan J Parker

Callum Thomas voice artist

Callum Thomas, voice artist at – professional voiceovers and voice over services from Hobsons, voice agent to Callum Thomas. Description: Neutral: clear, relatable, warm accents: American, Neutral, Northern Age range: 20s – 30s

I heard it on the radio by Jon Washington

I heard it on the radio by Jon Washington

Theodore Hawkins, One Man Band

Theodore Hawkins, One Man Band

Racing the clock, by Whizzdxm

Racing the clock, by Whizzdxm

Jordan Duke, The Fall And The Creation

Jordan Duke, The Fall And The Creation

The Sun Is Always Gonna Shine, by The Pull Of Autumn

The Sun Is Always Gonna Shine, by The Pull Of Autumn

Whatever This Is (from the album Juice), Zeeteah Massiah

Whatever This Is (from the album Juice), Zeeteah Massiah

Cry Me A Riddim, Zeeteah Massiah

Cry Me A Riddim, Zeeteah Massiah live. Recorded at The Pheasantry, London on 21 Feb 2020, with Marcin Bobkowski (guitar), Don Chandler (bass), Rob Hughes (soprano sax), Carl Benjamin (drums) and Calvin Bennion (keys)

Glorybox, Long Gone Silver

Glorybox, Long Gone Silver and Band

Fix Me – Original Song By Mari Posas

Mariana Barreto Hi. My name is Mari Posas. I'm a singer/songwriter/visual artist, and most importantly an actress. The last 2 years have been hell for me and this video is the culmination of what my transformation has felt like. I hope you can connect and resonate. This is my first original music video and it means the world to me that you are watching it. Please share it with your friends. Spotify and Apple Music links coming soon. I love you all. Directed by: Mariana Barreto Assistant Director: Paul A. Rada Guitar: Aleksi Glick Mixing: Colton Brown Mastering: Josu Ortiz

I'll be there (instrumental)

Piano instrumental of original composition 'I'll be there' shot at Hayling Cricket club on a grand piano in the main hall...

Scary Pockets ft: Lauren Ruth Ward – 'Gimme Shelter' (The Rolling Stones)

Scary Pockets are a Funk cover band from the talented Ryan Lerman and Jack Conte, who invite different vocalists to join them in reworked tracks from other genres, and funk them up, big time!

Zeus X Crona – 'Bad Habits' ft: Enrosa

Love this use of animation to create the tracks lyrics, created by @vai.not - clever

Anna Dellaria – Break Me Down

Your mental illness does not define you or lessen your worth. This song was written as a vow to not let my depression/anxiety rob me of my identity during a time when everything felt heavy + paralyzing.

OkayRein – De Cora

Type beat "De cora" Raw Alejandro, J Quiles @okayrein

Lil Vanez – Still

RnB type Song this's for all heartbroken lovers Who are passionate bout' love buh ain't givin' up,

Redd Dinero – Toxic

Redd Dinero -Toxic New sound wave

Hvrtzlab – "paradise"

"Paradise" - Free Chill Guitar R&b type beat | Pop R&b Instrumental | Storytelling x R&b type beat #freebeats #SadTypebeats #typebeat #storytelling #rnbtypebeat #Chillbeat

Rachel Parris – "Children" (funny comedy song)

Rachel Parris: 'Children' - funny comedy song | ComComedy

HurricaneMitchSongs – You're Not As Ugly As You Look (original comedy song)

You're Not As Ugly As You Look (funny original country folk song)

Bryant Oden – The Duck Song (original funny song)

Song by Bryant Oden. Video by Forrest Whaley. Get the song... Get the shirt...

Ernest J. Shuttlecock – Too Many Mince Pies (original comedy song)

An original song by me about eating and drinking far too much at Christmas.

RINKA | Japanese FEMALE Beatbox Champion

RINKA a.k.a. RINKASAN from Tokyo on SBX - we have the honour to present you the japanese female beatbox champion of the year 2015! She is the current japanese beatbox champion. Check her beatboxing skills out, she is so good. Such a cool girl.

AZEL | Pure Italian Energy

There is no other human being with this much energy Check out all his amazing drops!

Davie504 – Melodic Bass Solo

Here's a slap and tapping melodic solo using piccolo bass strings. I've never tried these type of strings, but I like them!

TommyLeeDepp – Waves (Original Bass Composition)

Hey guys, hope you like this original melodic bass composition of mine called 'Waves'! 🙂 I think I first played this song back in 2009, it's one of my first compositions!

Jerry Liu – River Flows in You (Original)

River Flows in You with Cello Arrangement (Original) Jerry Liu

Guzheng: "Spring River Flower Moon Night"

Guzheng Solo Performance "Spring River Flower Moon Night" 古筝 - 春江花月夜 This instrument is called "guzheng" or gu zheng. This is one of my favorite guzheng song. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Thank you for viewing! I played this clip in my practice session.

Chinese Music – Imperial Dynasty

Chinese music about the beautiful land of China. This music I composed is called Imperial Dynasty. I hope you enjoy listening to it!

Kkev – Sayuri (Original Composition)

Kkev - Sayuri (Original Composition) Epic Beautiful Majestic Asian Music

Chinese Fantasy Music – Night of the Soaring Dragon

This song has two titles, one is the English that you see, the other one is this: 群龍乘星. It's Mandarin Chinese and could be translated roughly into "dragons riding on the stars", but it sounds way better in Chinese than in English, that's why I made the English title different, while still trying to keep it closely related.

Peter Crowley – Dance Of The Sun

Dance Of The Sun (Epic Asian Music)

The Cheung Sisters – Patreon Comission

Electro Asian Music The Erhu is a two-stringed bowed musical instrument which may also be called a Southern Fiddle, and sometimes known in the Western world as the Chinese violin or a Chinese two-stringed

Kirk Franklin – Love Theory

All the joy and funk of Gospel

Koryn Hawthorne – 'Won't He Do It'

Koryn Hawthorne and her friends, bring you 'Won't He Do It'

Boney M. – Drum Solo (LIVE at Sun City, 1984)

Boney M. is a truly unforgettable name in the history of music. This glamorous and extremely likeable group came together in 1976 and ever since then occupied a special place in the hearts of music lovers the world over.

David Strong – Funk Alto Sax Solo

UPDATE: I finally found the original backing track for this, so if anyone wants it, I put it at:

Laura – Amazing Saxophone Solo

The Lovely Laura - Ocean Beach Club Ibiza

Farid – Patience

Farid - Patience Farid made the first steps of his musical journey right after he learned how to stand up on his feet and isn’t ever planning to stop. As a child, he was greatly influenced by the heavy pop & r’n’b music wave that characterised the 90s, identifying strongly with Michael Jackson who, along with Justin Timberlake, have remained his strongest inspirations up to this day and have motivated him to never give up and pursue his dream of a stage career.

Did they leave the light on for you Harold Mike Sizemore

Did they leave the light on for you Harold Mike Sizemore This is the first Single from the upcoming Harold Mike Sizemore Album Folk Singer. Dedicated to his late uncle and families affected by covid 19.

Life’s beautiful alax bee

These key words help fans find my video using the smart search. I should include things like the track title, artist name, background, location, music styles, influences, and production credits.

Father & Son (Cat Stevens Lockdown Parody)

It's not time to make a change. Thanks for the chat, dad. The Kiffness on Spotify:

Rob Cantor – Celebrity Impressions

29 Celebrity Impressions, 1 Original Song - Rob Cantor

TheONE GUY, 54 VOICES – Singing Impressions

This video was a pain in the butt to make, and I probably won't make any money off of it, but as long as it isn't removed from YouTube, I'm hoping it'll draw some new viewers to the new album my brother and I are working on!

One Guy, 43 Voices (with music) – Roomie

One Guy 14 voices, One Guy 15 voices & One Guy 16 Voices - with music! Let me know which impressions you want me to do next in the comments.


I attempt to imitate Bruno Mars, Sam Smith, CeeLo Green, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley & many more! -- MORE OF MY MUSIC HERE: -- MY ALBUMS AVAILABLE HERE:

Love It – Original Alt Folk Music

Love It, Original Alt Folk Music, Indie Acoustic Guitar, Bay Area Indie Filmmaker - Chantmagick

Puzzle Pieces – Adam Mills

Puzzle Pieces (Original Indie/Folk Song By: Adam Mills)

Eli Lev –

Eli Lev | "One Road" | Original Acoustic Indie Folk Song | FOLK FRIDAY (Episode 22) It was 1:30 AM after a show in Austin, Texas - but I really wanted to sing my brand new song 'One Road' for you all.

Tim Wolf – "let you go"

Indie Folk Artists |Original Song Animation Video "Let You Go" This song is about a guy who comes to the conclusion that its not working out with the girl he's with and he's going to "let her go".

Remedy Tree – Acoustic Pop Love Song

Let us know what you think of this Acoustic Pop Love Song + Original Indie-Folk song. Would you like this for your next film or movie? We will be recording this professionally in a studio soon!

TO BE ASTOUNDED – Boris Dunand

TO BE ASTOUNDED | Original Indie Folk Song - swiss songwriter

Vikram T – Casual (Acoustic)

Casual (Acoustic) - An Original Indie Folk Song By Vikram T

John Cook – Skin

John Cook - Skin - Original Indie Folk/Alt Country

Luke Leverett – “Bring Myself To Light”

Indie Folk Rock Song, an Original Tune by Luke Leverett called “Bring Myself To Light”

A Hum In The Hive – Catch Me A Star

Catch Me A Star | Singer Songwriter | Original | Indie Folk

"Alright by Me" by Tanner Clark

"Alright by Me" Tanner Clark Original Acoustic Indie Folk Music

"Quarantine" – Crowes Pasture

Crowes Pasture performs original song, "Quarantine." Folk/Americana music duo's original song

Ransomed Bluegrass – God Is Strong Enough

God Is Strong Enough - Ransomed Bluegrass Original Live

Giulio Taccon –

I composed a piece for piano called "LOST"!

"Come Home" Original song on piano

This is the song I recently wrote, called "Come Home". It is the result of many nights of crying and pain, but writing this helped me to express it and turn something dark into something beautiful. That is what I love about my music, though people may listen to it and say that it's too sad they don't realize that each song for me is a milestone, a way that I can cope and move on from something.

♪ Welcome To YogLabs – Original Song and Animation

Here's a brand new song about everyone's favourite testing facility, YogLabs! Get the song here:

Nuggets – Animation Videos

Kiwi tastes a golden nugget. It's delicious.



La Cumparsita Tango – Gerardo Matos Rodriguez – Tango Dancers

La Cumparsita by Gerardo Matos Rodriguez. Performing are "ConTangoOz" directed by Maggie Ferguson -- with dancers Amy Teuchert and Jairo Sanchez Rivera

ASMR Reading – "One Night Alone" Original Short Story (Whispered)

For one of my assignments I had to write a creative short story. This is the result. It's meant to be a little creepy with a bit of an ambiguous aftermath, so hopefully that comes across alright. Hope you enjoy the whispers 🙂

Leo Rodriguez Reads an Original Short Story

Leo Rodriguez reads Bittersweet, an original work.

Setting For Two (Original Short Audio Story)

A reading of the short story "Setting For Two" written by me. Genre: Who knows! Rating: PG

I Got Rhythm for Woodwind Quintet

Nicholas Norris, flute Shane Werts, oboe Mallorie Stringfellow, clarinet Collin Findlay, horn Sara Fruehe, bassoon

The Ferryman – Pure Blarney

My Celtic-Rock band Pure Blarney recorded this performance recently at The Front Page in Ballymena. A really fun song featuring the bagpipes at the end. Enjoy.

It's Beginning To Snow – Thisbe Vos (Original Christmas Jazz Song)

From the album "A Jazzy Christmas," now on iTunes and Amazon.

Treecy McNeil – Turn Up the Magic (Original Christmas Song)

2020 has been a long year! It has been a pretty rocky road, full of unexpected turns, but what we have to remember is that, through it all, there is still beauty in all the little things that fill our daily lives.

All the Other Holidays (original Christmas song 2020)

Seriously, 2020 has been a rough one y'all, but coming back to my 20 year quest to write the perfect Christmas song gave us a lot of laughs.

My First Ever Original Christmas Song – Have A Very Funny Christmas !!!

This year for the first time ever i started writing original songs which i could perform for my channel and they seemed to go down quite well ,with my I Really Want A Llama song being the most popular, it really meant a lot to me to think that people were enjoying something i had written so I thought id have a go at writing an original Christmas song.

SNOW FALLING – OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO 2020 (original christmas song by mia stephens)

i hope you enjoy this video! thank you so much everyone for watching this video! i love you guys so much and i hope you enjoy this vlogmas video! i can’t wait to vlog all the way from the 1st to the 25th of december yayyyyy 🙂

My Wish List – Original Christmas Song

Lyrics: I've got a wish For my Christmas list I've got in mind It's you this time And I'm putting up the lights, while I'm singin' Singin' Silent Night

Christmas In The Rain – Original Song

Original Christmas song written and sung by Molly Clare.

Crappy Covid Christmas (An original Christmas song & music video raising mental health awareness)

It's a tough year for many and Christmas can be an even harder time, especially for those dealing with mental health issues. It could be the first time for many they have had a Christmas experiencing grief or not being able to see friends and family. From personal experience I know the benefits that laughter and smiling can bring in managing physical and mental health issues. Please don't struggle on your own, there is always someone and help is out there. Sometimes just knowing that someone else understands that it can be a crappy time and that is ok can help.

Jesus Is The Reason for the Season (Original Christmas Song)

He's the Reason for the Season A Little Baby Was Born in a Manger He Didn't Have a Thing The Prince of Peace Well He Came As A Pauper And All Creation Sings:

Music for Ballet Class Vol.1 by Bruno Raco

Ballet Music CH Music for Ballet Class Vol.1

Tango Music: Santa Maria by Gotan Project

These Tango songs are on our Tango playlist. Check out our other playlists for all of the ballroom and latin dances.


This is an original tango for theremin and "bandoneon", which is a type of concertina (button squeezebox) that has been an integral part of the traditional Argentinian tango orchestra for more than 100 years.

Original Epic Viking Celtic Soundtrack Music

So proud of this peace, I fell in love with nordic music, so I think I will be hovering around that style in my compositions. The Tale of Gunnar Hámundarson will soon be on Spotify and Apple Music. I will post links to the comments and here in the descrition when it's ready.

Not Just – Original Rock Song

The lead singer from my band wrote a song. And I recorded/performed it like a moron 🙂

Rock n' Roll Song | Rock Song for Kids

Watch us play our electric guitars and sing into our cool new microphone! Sing and dance along with us, as you stomp your feet to the rhythm and beat and clap your hands with our band.

Wild – An Original Hard Rock Song

Written By Cory Macsween (HD Audio) Guitar solo is at 2:11 All instruments written and recorded by me.

The Hood Brodz – Euphoria (Africa Mix Music)

The Hood Brodz - Euphoria (Original Mix) Africa Music - Afro House 2019

Ghetto Kids dancing StyleZo (Kadondo) – Eddy Kenzo

This song has garnered millions of views and has been shared by prominent celebrities like Ellen Degeneres, Puff Daddy, Akon, Ronaldinho, Tevin Cambell, Sanaa Lathan and so many more worldwide.