Contact JEENI

  • Please let us know which department you wish to contact so that we may forward your enquiry to the relevant office.

Before you contact one of our helpdesks, chances are the answer to your question can be found in The Book of Jeeni. Please take a look HERE first to save yourself the time and trouble of waiting for us to get back to you. Many thanks.


Our Technical Helpdesk will answer questions about your hands-on use of JEENI, such as setting up your account and using all the options that appear in the MY JEENI drop-down menu. If you encounter any technical problems, this is the helpdesk to solve them, but we cannot respond to contacts other than for this purpose.


Our Legal Helpdesk is here to receive your reports and questions about copyright and the ownership of music rights and audio/video content. If you need to report abuse about the content of a specific track, please use the Report button below every video. If you need to report abuse about a specific artist, please use the Report button on every Artist Showcase.


Our Business Helpdesk is specifically to contact us for the purposes of mutual benefit and business development, for example if you are an investor, brand ambassador or entertainment industry organisation. We cannot respond to contacts other than for this purpose.

Jeeni is a limited company, registered in the United Kingdom, Company Registration Number 11114945.
The brand name Jeeni and all associated services, designs, logos, products, merchandise and events are protected by national and international registered trademark and copyright.