Cradle Song – Daisy Chute


Daisy Chute

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Cradle Song – Daisy Chute

CRADLE SONG from the EP ‘CRADLE SONGS’ by Daisy Chute 

“Burns Night is a tradition I hold dear, especially as a displaced Scot in London. But every year we gather and recite the same poetry and songs, and I’ve often wondered about all the Scottish poetry that gets left unread, especially from the female perspective. I wanted to unearth some lesser known poetry so Cradle Songs are settings of the poems I discovered and connected with on my hunt. The poems are about mourning (Mary Queen of Scots’s Melancholy Air), unrequited love (Marion Angus’s Mary’s Song), and motherhood (Carolina Oliphant’s Cradle Song), and span from the 16th to the 20th Century.” 

‘Cradle Songs’ featuring ‘Cradle Song’ released 28 January 2022.