The global pandemic has closed the world’s music venues – pubs, clubs, arenas and festivals, and so many musicians and performers are having an extremely hard time. Jeeni is here to help. In addition to direct sales and donations, we are adding GIFT A GIG as a great opt-in service that artists and performers can choose to take part in. And as ever they will receive 100% of everything agreed.

Anyone can order and enjoy customised productions from participating artists, including dedications, greetings, audio-postcards, bespoke tracks and even private concerts! Prices are agreed direct between the artist and the buyer, and Jeeni acts as a matchmaker to bring happiness to all involved.

We’ll supply the order service and all the templates, to help make the process as smooth as possible. Jeeni – rewarding audiences and performers every step of the way.

A full range of other artist services will be available at the same time, including:
• merchandising
• ticketing
• tuition
• remote sessions
• auditions
• voiceovers
• audio production
• videography
• graphic design