Templar – Dance Multi Freestyle

Templar Animated is a hip-hop dancer and break dancer as well as a freestyle teacher. He is based in Portsmouth, Southsea where he holds beginner freestyle sessions for adults over 18 years. He says that his freestyle classes help people to find the rhythm in the music as well as learn moves to create their own unique style. He also taught some online classes over the lockdown period at the start of 2021 which included styles such as popping, breaking, afro and even salsa! 

Templar has many friends who also dance and they create videos together to showcase their talent. The group locate around Southsea to film their content which can sometimes be choreography, freestyle or just grooving for fun. Before lockdown, he would often compete at battles or spectate and has said he learnt a lot from that experience. Templar took part in the recent Global Bandstand event in Portsmouth and took part in multiple classes where he found other dancers to hopefully collaborate with in the future.