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Don’t miss the biggest Jeeni Festival yet. Seventeen acts from around the world are joining together, and as usual we guarantee our newcomers get equal billing with world-famous headliners. Grammy Award nominee Barrington Levy contributes from Jamaica. Spanish youngster BlueVein multi-tracks his band from his bedroom. Number One Billboard star Zeeteah Massiah appears in her own spectacular James Bond movie sequence. Indie rocker How Mean performs from his grandma’s house in California. Daisy Chute, lead singer with platinum-selling supergroup All Angels, performs live from her home in London with newcomers Saije in Australia. Grammy Award winner Skyler Jett gives us his latest track with complete unknowns dancing in lockdown on every continent in the world. And more artists are beaming in their contributions from Detroit to Brighton, and from Northern Ireland to Rhode Island. We’re calling the festival JAM. The J is for Jeeni of course. A is for our US partners AmplifyX, where backers invest in artists. And M is for MultiView Media, our amazing streaming partners where fans get to be the director and control the action. The JAM Festival is at 12 noon Los Angeles time, 8pm London time on Saturday 10th April 2021, free to live-stream on:

The next generation Jeeni platform is well into development for all mobiles, desktops and connected devices. It’s slicker, simpler and lightning fast, with a stylish new-look for easy navigation. And we’re expanding our built-in Marketing suite too, for our Pro members to keep track of their campaigns and new fans. Loads of our members have announced new services and enterprises in the face of lockdown, everything from virtual photo-shoots to celebrity video dedications. So we held a series of Zoom focus groups to find out exactly how our audience would like us to change things and spread the love. With our Pro Marketing service up and running, we have launched a new range of Goods and Services channels, and they’re off to a flying start. They include graphic design, teachers, dancers, style & grooming, stage equipment, photographers and a range of dedicated goods and services. And of course, we’ll always keep our promise that all Jeeni channels are free from intrusive advertising. If you want to sell your talent or your wares to fellow-members, that’s fine by us, and they won ‘t be distracted by dopey adverts. For our Jeeni Juniors channel, we’ve released our first special productions of children’s stories, with celebrity voices and music all contributed free of charge. 

A warm welcome to Kate, force-feeding love to the masses via social media, radio and TV studios. Kate brings us her First-Class Honours in Multimedia Broadcasting, and is Jeeni Minister of Propaganda and Enthusiasm. And a warm welcome to Jasmin, Jeeni Project Manager for international affairs and global harmony, handling presentations, creative art and design. They join Aleah, our chief video wrangler, responsible for visual arts and special Showcase content. That brings the tally of Team Jeeni members and Ambassadors to 17 women, 13 men and 2 Irish Setters. Get to know us all at We are now recruiting for new Team Members in sales, SEO, video production and techie stuff. Find out more at

The wait is over! Head to for our brand new range of specialist computers available now for musicians, photographers, videographers, DJs, mixers and gamers. There’s a Jeeni micro for less than £150, along with a choice of professional music production PCs, and we’re looking forward to adding the new Jeeni laptop to the range soon.

Our official partnership with Paul McCartney’s Wings Tour Bus just needs an end to lockdown and some air in the tyres to get going. We’ll be inviting Jeeni artists to audition and Jeeni audiences to vote on who they want to appear on the official Paul McCartney Stage when the original Wings bus goes on tour in the UK, Ireland and Europe, and when our artists and audiences can meet in person for the first time, and share the spotlight with some extra special guests and celebrities. And if you haven’t become a Jeeni Pro yet, then you know what to do. Do it at

We are still shamelessly offering five dollars a head for every new Jeeni Pro sign-up we get as a result of your invites. Simply Log-on, go to My Jeeni, then My Invites and help yourself!

Stay, safe and well, and spread the love!

Team Jeeni