Sharron Goodyear – Virtual Photography

My experience as an award-winning photographer and has seen me travel the world with my work. I have been fortunate enough to have been selected twice as a speaker at the world’s biggest photography convention for wedding and portrait photographers in Las Vegas. I have also photographed weddings and pre-wedding shoots in New York, Portugal, Iceland and Paris to name a few. I feel blessed to have enjoyed a successful career in the industry.
My love for personal branding photography has seen me work with a wide range of entrepreneurs and business owners. Following their shoots with me, they have been able to elevate their online presence with a stunning portfolio of brand images. The photographs they have used on their social media platforms and website has helped them attract their dream clients, whilst giving them the professional edge they need to grow their business.
I am the official photographer for Jeeni and will be offering virtual photoshoots and specialist workshops for all members at a discounted rate. 
Virtual photography has come a long way in the last year and the technology that now supports it means that no matter where you are in the world, I can take stunning high-quality creative images of you for your brand, right here from my office!
The most important things you need to make the magic happen is a mobile phone (either iPhone or Android), a good internet or 4G connection and something to hold your phone! By ‘something’, I mean a tripod or even (if we’re shooting at home) a baked bean can and elastic band (yes really!) or if you have someone willing to help out then that’s great too. I’ll help you find the best light in your home or at your chosen location and will direct and guide you throughout the shoot.
Not only are the shoots fun and relaxed, they are also a great way of capturing creative portraits that reflect your personal brand. After our shoot, I download the images, edit them and send them over to you! It’s that simple!