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How To Improve Your Stage Presence

Today we're looking at how you can rock out like a boss. Guitarist/Songwriter/Samurai

5 Basic Songwriting Tips | For Beginners

These are my songwriting tips for beginners based on my personal experience to help get you started. :)

How to Write Great Lyrics – 5 Tips for Beginners!

In recent weeks I've talked a lot about songwriting, and how using music as a creative outlet has driven my progress more than anything else. In today's session I'm going to break-down my top 5 tips for beginner lyricist. We'll discuss common themes, finding inspiration, rhyming schemes, and story development.

5 Ways to Improve as a Music Producer *FAST*

Here are 5 ways to improve as a music producer that you can do RIGHT NOW

Music Production Hacks (50 Quick Tips)

Hacks ranging from mixing to melodies, 50 quick tips for music producers! New videos every week, subscribe & ring the bell if you're cool!

Why Artists NEED to Change Their Instagram Strategy

Here are 5 simple ways to ensure you're still reaching your fans, as well as a new audience on Instagram, even with their new algorithm changes.

The FIRST Three Things Every Indie Artist Must Do

Many people believe the only path to success in the music industry is through a record label, radio station, or even a reality talent show on TV. The truth is, in order to be successful in music, all you need to do is grow your fanbase. But before you can start marketing your music online, there are a few things you need to have in place.

9 Small Tips To Help You Become A Better Musical Artist

In this series, popular hip hop influencer Patrick Cc: gives insight to the many ways in which artists should approach their online musical careers. Each video will serve as a direct educational tool for musical artists and will explain in detail the steps to take for success. Patrick felt like there was a lacking of FREE information out there for aspiring artists.

6 Things Successful Musicians Do Daily

If you're struggling to grow your fan base from social media content, there are things you can do to promote your music without it. In this video you'll learn key techniques to grow as an artist and get your music heard.

Home Music Studio Equipment – Essentials for Beginners

This is a "brief" overview of the equipment essentials I think every home studio needs. Within each category, I will breakdown some of my favorite specific pieces and also touch on the equipment that I use.

A BEGINNER'S GUIDE to Recording (Part 1: Equipment)

Hey guys! I hope you enjoy the first part of this Beginner's Guide to Recording series! Stay tuned for the next videos where I will touch on getting your recording started, editing, and mixing! Let me know your thoughts/questions in the comments :) All links are down below! Thanks for watching!

5 Things You Need To Set Up a Home Studio – How I Record

Hi everyone! I felt like sharing some of the things I learned about home recording and give you some insight on the "behind the scenes" of my videos.