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So what do you think? We launched the new-look Jeeni website and mobile platforms on Valentine’s Day. Of course we did! And we hope you love them. First-time visitors are now presented with a brand new welcome page to tell the world who we are, what we do, and everything we’ve achieved, including the latest info on channels, languages, fanbases, audience, membership, showcases, social networks, and even what we’ve raised and how much we’re worth. Hey, we’ve got nothing to hide. As for regular users like you, hope you enjoy the super-simplified layout with one-click access to any channel as soon as you log-in. And speaking of new channels …

Loads of our members have announced new services and enterprises in the face of lockdown, everything from virtual photo-shoots to celebrity video dedications. So we held a series of Zoom focus groups to find out exactly how our audience would like us to change things and spread the love. With our Pro Marketing service up and running, we have launched a new range of Goods and Services channels, and they’re off to a flying start. They include graphic design, teachers, dancers, style & grooming, stage equipment, photographers and a range of dedicated goods and services. And of course, we’ll always keep our promise that all Jeeni channels are free from intrusive advertising. If you want to sell your talent or your wares to fellow-members, that’s fine by us, and they won ‘t be distracted by dopey adverts. For our Jeeni Juniors channel, we’ve released our first special productions of children’s stories, with celebrity voices and music all contributed free of charge. 

Jeeni has been approved for UK Government Kickstart grant funding, and the money goes direct to new members of Team Jeeni below the age of 24. There are roles available for channel content, artist liaison and social media. And a special place for someone who can originate short videos using Screenflow on a Mac, or similar software on a PC.

Our partnership with Paul McCartney’s Wings Tour Bus is now official, so get in on the act! We’re inviting Jeeni artists to audition and Jeeni audiences to vote on who they want to appear on the official Paul McCartney Stage when the original Wings bus goes on tour in the UK, Ireland and Europe. This will be when our artists and audiences can meet in person for the first time, and share the spotlight with some extra special guests and celebrities. Obviously we’re at the mercy of social distancing as to when this can happen, but we guarantee it’ll be well worth waiting for. If you’re a Jeeni Pro then watch out for our special email with full details. And don’t worry if you haven’t become a Pro yet, there’s plenty of time. This opportunity will keep on rolling all the time the Wings bus has air in its tyres! Please read on …

Thanks to our partnership with those lovely people from Paul McCartney’s magic bus, we’ve got a record deal for somebody out there to be a future star of country music. It doesn’t matter if you’re from Nashville or Newcastle, Naples or Nanking, if you’re a Jeeni Pro then we want to hear from you. Everything is already specially written and recorded, and now we need the perfect voice to perform on this very special single. And it’s not just fame on offer, the winner will get their studio-time paid for, a world-class photo shoot, an amazing video production and social media marketing campaign, all releases through global channels will be paid, and there’s a major radio promotion campaign too. And did we mention the Paul McCartney Stage appearance? Yes we did!

Our special Jeeni laptops and desktops for musicians, mixers, videographers and photographers were all designed and ready to roll back at the turn of the year, but the pandemic has gone and messed it all up. Lockdown has meant that the demand for our machines is at an all-time high, but the bad news is that supplies of laptop chassis and desktop components have been drastically reduced. In fact they’ve ground to a halt. There’s very little we can do except ride out these delays, so marketing for our four Jeeni computer models has been put on hold until supplies start flowing again. Watch this space for some very special offers when the flow begins.

Get ready for the next Jeeni online festival! It’s happening before Easter, it’s our third global broadcast, and this time we’re in partnership with AmplifyX – the guys who raise big money for new artists. We’re co-branding it the J.A.M. Festival (Jeeni Amplify Music) and it will feature a line-up of Jeeni newcomers, international stars and Amplify’s US-based talent. Watch the website tickertape for the latest updates.

We’ve opened up our rewards to the world, and are shamelessly offering five dollars a head for every new Jeeni Pro sign-up we get as a result of your invites. Log-on, go to My Jeeni > My Invites and help yourself!

Stay, safe and well, and spread the love!

Team Jeeni