Signature Contemporary at 'Celebrate' 2015

Signature are a contemporary group based in Portsmouth underneath the company – The Movement Initiative. It’s currently a group of girls 14 – 18 years old who are passionate and dedicated to the style and extremely talented! They are currently choreographed by an amazing dancer Lucy Atkins and assistant choreographer Freya Williams. Signature was created in 2015 and the group has continued to grow and advance! They have competed in only a handful of competitions since forming but each time have come out successful and even on top!  

Signature have performed and The Movement Initiative’s annual show ‘Celebrate’ 3 times in 2015, 2016 and 2017 as well as competing at Platform Dance Festival with a team dance, multiple solos, duos and small group routines too. Some of the girls go and compete alone in competitions such as PDA championships too. Due to the lockdown, the group have recently started up again but have been spending their training time choreographing routines and catching up with lost time together. The team are always looking to invite new members to join so make sure to check them out.