what JEENI is

JEENI is a multi-channel streaming service for original music on demand. We’re a direct service between artists and the global audience.

  • NO SCAMS. Traditionally, the music industry is full of rip-off merchants. Jeeni is completely different. Our promise is to treat our listening audience and our creative talent ethically, fairly, honestly and with respect.
  • NO ADVERTS. Your listening pleasure isn’t ruined by jingles or adverts, you’re not force-fed anything you don’t want to hear, and your choices are never be manipulated by outside influences and unwanted pressures.
  • NO FAKES. Our charts can’t be faked, bought or influenced. They are completely genuine, they are based on individual positive votes, and they are truly democratic.
  • NO RIP-OFFS. We don’t insult our artists with false promises or pitiful royalty payments that add up to next to nothing. 100% of Jeeni artist merchandising profits go direct to our artists.
  • NO LOOKING AWAY. Jeeni supports charitable projects, including Arms Around The Child, providing safe loving homes and support for orphaned children, vulnerable children and those at risk of exploitation.
  • NO HYPOCRISY. We will not accept partnerships or funding from any organisation or individual who we know to be involved with armaments, harming the environment, political, religious or unethical organisations. We positively seek out corporate relationships with those who make a positive contribution to the wellbeing of people and the environment.
  • NO EXPLOITATION. We pledge to use our funds to create new jobs, new opportunities and genuine resources. We will not exploit students, interns or volunteers, but treat them as valued members of Team Jeeni and reward them to the best of our ability.
  • NO TAX DODGING. Unlike some entertainment platforms and content providers, we pledge to pay all our due taxes in full, because we choose to make a positive contribution to the health, welfare and education of the society in which we live.