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Cassius Gray is a 23 year old rapper, musician from South West London. Fusing soulful instrumentals, with introspective lyrics and a unique intonation, Cassius gives the listener an honest reflection on his approach to life - as a young man. Although largely hip hop-oriented, Cassius’ new music points to a versatile approach to genres, with his 2021 release of ‘Cookoo’ introducing a dark UK garage element. Growing up, Cassius was enthused by music, discovering the likes of Pro Era and A Tribe Called Quest in his early teens, he was drawn to real lyricism over complete, impressive instrumentals. This enticed the young rapper so much so that he began free-styling with his close friends and without hesitation started writing. Whether it be over gritty or soulful beats, the process of crafting a cohesive verse became an enjoyable hobby, with Cass using syllables as puzzle pieces to create prose which elegantly balance meaning and flow. In 2022, Cassius is set to release his debut mixtape, a feat the young emcee has been looking forward to for many years. To date, Cassius has achieved 30,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and nearly 1 million plays on his biggest track - all whilst remaining unsigned to any label, manager, publisher.

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Cassius Gray

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This is the electronic/rap single, 'CooKoo' from Cassius Gray, featuring San Tino.

Flight 22

'Flight 22' is a laid-back track from UK hip-hop artist, Cassius Gray

From Here On Out

'From Here on Out.' is the smooth, RnB inspired single from UK Hip-hop artist, Cassius Gray

Mum Called

'Mum Called', an almost psychedelic, laid-back single by Cassius Gray back from 2020.


With warm, soulful horn samples, this smooth as silk single, is Cassius Gray's latest UK hip-hop fusion track.

Live Life Slow ft. Jp from 640

Featuring 'Jp from 640', this is the bouncy, soulful single, 'Live Life Slow' from Cassius Gray