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Hailing from North West London, artist and producer WesLi D brings a refreshing take to UK underground and alternative rap using a blend of styles; from melodic and bouncy to somber and thoughtful, his expression is not limited sonically by any means.

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WesLi D

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Walk Of Life - WesLi D

WALK OF LIFE from artist WesLi ‘Walk of Life’ is an enjoyable and upbeat track by WesLi D that presents themes of time and personal growth. The artist reflects on taking time to search and find himself throughout his journey in life as well as not letting his dreams pass him by. This track is relatable for the listener as it describes the growth and changes of a person travelling through life to figure themselves out.  

Time Flies

The lead single for WesLi D's project Sunny Days Ahed

Switch Up The Mood

Switch Up The Mood

Pressure (ft. Type1.)

Pressure, by Wesli D (ft Type1)

Rewind (Discoveries)

Rewind (Discoveries) by Wesli D

Sunny Days Ahead

Sunny Days Ahead, by Wesli D

Clear Mind (ft. L!MA)

Clear Mind (ft. L!MA) by WesLi D

Yours To Keep

Yours To Keep, by WesLi D


That's OK, by WesLi D