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A Year In Provence - ‘Bleeding’ Single Review

/ By Doug Phillips
A Year In Provence - ‘Bleeding’ Single Review

The latest of just two electric singles from this emerging Kent rock force, ‘Bleeding’ shows a passion and level of musicianship that can’t be faked. 

As is a recurring development for blossoming artists, the pandemic produced the current, streamlined ‘A Year In Provence’ line-up. All hailing from Kent, AYIP currently consists of: Matt Porter controlling the melodies with his powerful vocals, the bass, handled assertively by Adam Bacon, James Ferner providing groove-essential rhythm guitar and backing vocals, Dan Wing for the commanding lead guitar and Jack Smith’s drumming, rhythmically guiding the entire ensemble through their rock-pop callbacks. 

Brand new to Jeeni, AYIP have contributed both of their excellent tracks to their Jeeni showcase, adding even more substance to the rock channel. Check out their young, yet exhilarating showcase here:

‘Bleeding’ takes its time, structurally, and interestingly doesn’t typically call back to previous sections, at least not in their initial forms. This single opens with full, proud classic pop-rock guitar chords that ring out mostly in the offbeats, certainly in lieu of Weezer’s ‘Say It Ain’t So’ albeit with a more present energy in the verses.  

As the other parts join, the attention and care taken to the mix is made obvious. Crystal clear vocals show no sign of struggling to be heard over the washy cymbals, or three layers of guitar, not an easy feat for a band so early in their discography. No parts eat into other areas and are individually made clear and present. 

This single is constantly moving and progresses organically much like a live performance, as you can hear the members grow in energy; the alternative to which is to harvest previously recorded parts and use identical pieces of audio in several, different places which, although is sometimes a logistical necessity in a studio, often results in an unplaceable feeling of “sameyness” and a lack of effort, something that cannot be heard at all in ‘Bleeding’. 

As is also a theme with Jeeni’s budding new artists, A Year In Provence have made certain promises with their singles, and something about the five-piece inspires hope about fulfilling such promises. Check out their showcase here:

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JEENI is a multi-channel platform for original entertainment on demand. We’re a direct service between creatives and the global audience. 

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Artist Focus: Khole Baldeo

We are very excited to introduce Khole Baldeo, one of the next great artists to come out of the Caribbean, and more specifically, the Island of Grenada. She is an extremely talented singer, performer and songwriter who has created a real name for herself on her island, and she’s now set her eyes on international success. Having seen her perform in person I can say she has an incredible voice and can attract the attention of an audience with ease. Her electric, unforgiving nature during performance is a brilliant sight and you can only admire the clear love and dedication she has for her craft.  Her following has been eagerly awaiting her new journey in music, as she like many artists prepared to elevate her career to the next level. Having opened shows for notable artists such Buju Banton and Sizzla Kalonji, she took time to find her own new unique sound. Having previously been more of a Soul singer, she has found her calling in ‘Island Pop’. The genre is a clash of Dancehall and Pop, often very bouncy and easy to listen to, describing love, life, sex and relationships.  Her debut single ‘Island Girl’, produced by the excellent ‘Exit Daze’ currently residing in Grenada, is a joyful, exciting start to her new voyage. There is an incredible energy about the track, Khole has clearly entertained her past soulful style with her light, loving lyrics while also exploring the fiercer, sensual side of her character in the chorus. The happy-sad nature of the songs story adds a lot of emotion, as she speaks of two people dancing around one another, but feeling reluctant to ‘make a move’ as they are afraid of a bad reaction.   The mix consists of upbeat guitar chords, and a modern pop style beat, with some layering of piano keys, which really encapsulates an Island vibe. Khole sets the tone for the song “Would you run away if I told you I love you, would it make you stay, let’s take a chance”. The light start to the song progresses to a knocking chorus. She tells her audience of this relationship with great detail, creating spicy imagery as she leaves the specifics up to interpretation.  An electric song needs an electric music video and that is certainly the case here. The smooth moves of Khole and her dancers make you feel as if you are this elusive character who she is in love with. There is a lovely mix in the choreography between the joyful, coordinated but careless dancing, and the more seductive side of Khole towards her subject as you get a glimpse of what may be in store.  ‘Island Girl’ is an exciting, jubilant and professional release. We love the vibe that Khole Baldeo has created here, a fantastic start to her new identity. We shall continue to keep you updated on her new releases as there is much more to come!  How can Jeeni support artists like Khole Baldeo? JEENI is a multi-channel platform for original entertainment on demand. We’re a direct service between creatives and the global audience. • We give creatives, independent artists and performers a showcase for their talent and services. And they keep 100% of everything they make.• We empower our audience and reward them every step of the way.• We promise to treat our members ethically, fairly, honestly and with respect.• Access to artist liaison and a supportive marketing team. Check out Khole Baldeo’s Jeeni showcase here: 


More Than Just Music with Jeeni

So far, 2021 has been a very busy year for the Jeeni team, so what's new? The platform is growing and growing, and it's more than just music with Jeeni. The first job was to update the website. The look changed, the user experience was enhanced and new channels were added, allowing all the varied talent joining us is easier to find. More than just music, means we welcome all the trades that support the industry, plus the industries that benefit from music itself. The new look channels added, mean we can offer separate sections for all these extra and supporting parts of the creative world. Our Goods and Services channel now gives members access to tutorials for singing, including Opera and Classical, guides to performance prep, as well as studio production. There is also advice on optimising your social media, recording your music, graphics and album artwork. And when the world seems to be spinning at 100mph, you can find help to unwind and seek peace and calm. Tara and Sharmayne - Opera Coaches In the Masterclasses channel, users can sharpen their skills from drums to guitar, and even try the bass guitar lessons from the legend Suzi Quattro. If you require the services of a photographer, director or editor, you can search the various talents listed in the Photography and Videography channel. Or follow the guides on how to do it yourself , even on a limited budget. Plus Jeeni's own image welder, Sharron Goodyear with her special rate offer for a 'virtual shoot' exclusive to our subscribers. Should you be thinking of going before the lens, you could check out the services in the Style and Grooming channel to grab some tips on all aspects of hair, make-up, style and image. CrackaLackTV Editing Tutorial Not forgetting the next generation of creatives, we have a special channel for Juniors to go to for music, dance, stories, teaching and performance tips aimed at the younger musicians and dancers. We are also building the Audio Books channel to encourage writers of stories for children and young adults. Not excluding the oldies, there are currently 31 episodes of Stephen Palmer's 'Hairy London' for the adults to immerse themselves in. One of our most exciting, up-coming channels is Royalty-Free Music for Dancers. Whether your routines are for performance or competition, using other peoples' music can be problematic and expensive. So, Jeeni has set up a channel specifically to address this issue. We are approaching some of our big name contacts, asking them to contribute to this cause and the response has been fantastic, so keep an eye out for the new uploads. If you are willing to allow your music to be used royalty-free, then please think about giving others the benefit of your talent and share the love by uploading to this specific channel. Check out the new look site, build your showcase and get uploading and sharing!


Deadline for Kickstart Employment Opportunity set for December the 17th

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