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It seems like a long time ago that Jeeni announced that they had reached their funding target in 6 days and were aiming to overfund. Well they did and now they have 6 days remaining and if you want to see our pitch click HERE.

Jeeni, the social music platform that brings artists closer to their fans and shares revenue ethically, has successfully raised over £340K on Crowdcube across three rounds.

With 350million streamed music subscribers and market growth up by 39% this year, Jeeni is likely to ride the wave and be a huge success, not only with unsigned musicians and performers but with their superfans.

“We set a target to raise £100,000 for 2.4% with a pre-market valuation of £4M,” says Jeeni founder Shena Mitchell.  “And while we have the support of several major investors, the beauty of Crowdcube is that artists themselves can actually own a stake in the company for as little as £10.”

Shena continues, “Jeeni’s mission is to support unsigned music and performers, by helping them build a fanbase.  We aim to fast-track careers in the music business, and make sure they take the lion’s share of the revenue that’s raised.

Jeeni is needed more than ever in this Covid-19 New Normal, and we have proved that the demand is high. Currently we can only support 100,000 videos, so we must now move up a gear as we head for global roll-out.  This Round Three investment will be used to scale up again and launch our next-generation platform. It will also be used to develop our iOS and Android apps.

With the financial backing secured, we’ll be creating new jobs in the area, which is great for the local economy.  When you consider the wealth of music talent in Portsmouth – hosting over 2,000 music events a year with Victorious, The Guildhall, Band Stand, Wedgewood Rooms, and all the Portsmouth Festivities and pubs – we’re alive to the opportunities of our local music culture, creativity and talent. But with live venues locked down for now, the online opportunity of Jeeni is greatly increased.

It’s so cool to think someone reading this might choose to invest in Jeeni now with just £10, and then use Jeeni to build their own fanbase for fame and success!  We’re going to try hard to make sure that happens.”

JEENI is currently inviting investment on Crowdcube.  To find out how to get involved please join our mailing list for updates or check out our fundraising pitch. If you want to see our pitch click HERE.


McCartney & Beck Share New Disco-Funk Track

Paul McCartney and Beck share their new disco-funk track, "Find My Way". The single is from McCartney's album "McCartney III Imagined" and transforms his original classic rock track, into a disco-funk tune. The track is full of the usual fun you expect from Beck, including his use of a Vocoder. Streamed video below. Beck (Photo - Philip Cosores) McCartney (Photo - MJ Kim) “You never used to be afraid of days like these / But now you’re overwhelmed by your anxieties,” he sings on the chorus. “Let me help you out, let me be your guide / I can help you reach the love you feel inside.” "Find My Way" is the opening track on the new collaboration album, which sees McCartney teaming up with artists, Phoebe Bridgers, Anderson .Paak, St. Vincent, Blood Orange and Damon Albarn. Each artist has covered or reimagined a track from the "McCartney III" album, which The Beatles bassist released in December 2020, to critical acclaim. Earlier the month "The Kiss of Venus" by Dominic Fike was the first taster to be released from the upcoming album, dropping April 16 2021. McCartney III Imagined Tracklist:01. Find My Way (feat. Beck)02. The Kiss of Venus (Dominic Fike)03. Pretty Boys (feat. Khruangbin)04. Women And Wives (St. Vincent Remix)05. Deep Down (Blood Orange Remix)06. Seize The Day (feat. Phoebe Bridgers)07. Slidin’ (EOB Remix)08. Long Tailed Winter Bird (Damon Albarn Remix)09. Lavatory Lil (Josh Homme)10. When Winter Comes (Anderson .Paak Remix)11. Deep Deep Feeling (3D RDN Remix)12. Long Tailed Winter Bird (Idris Elba Remix) * * = Physical release exclusive track McCartney III Imagined


Beta-Testers Wanted

Jeeni is a platform that we have been developing for over a year now, for Independent Musicians and Performers and is in a new beta testing phase. JEENI is a multi-channel streaming service for original and unsigned talent. Jeeni provides a showcase for musicians and performers to put their talent in the spotlight, giving superfans the power to make them stars. The Jeeni promise, is to treat their creative talent ethically, fairly, honestly and with respect. Most importantly Jeeni is committed to – No hype. No adverts. No rip-offs. No Fakes, and making sure that the artists get 100% of their direct sales. The Covid-19 pandemic has made the last year very difficult for new and emerging artists as well as established ones, which is why we believe it is now more important than ever to support not just music makers but artists across the creative industries. Jeeni is presently looking for beta-testers to help us improve the site. A beta-tester simply registers for a FREE account, then designs their own showcase by uploading their music and videos and give us feedback on their user experience. Please contact or call 07703567196 if you are interested and want to find out more. Check out Jeeni today:


Kastopia - Self-titled EP Review

Kastopia’s eponymous debut project is a rapid and uncontainable demonstration of their light-hearted and fun-first brand of fusion jazz.   Helpfully, the group have curated an excitable and varied ‘influences’ playlist on Spotify. Featuring Kamasi Washington, GoGo Penguin and TOOL, the only similarities here are a tendency for experimenting and expanding the constraints of rhythm and metre. Aptly, most of these tracks burst outwards with passion and the joy of musicianship and although the group quite accurately states in their short bio, ‘No one sounds like us’, they have certainly adopted that energetic mindset here in these three breathless tracks.  A possible strain of influences not featured on their playlist is the superhuman Japanese brand of jazz fusion such as ‘Casiopea’ and ‘Dimension’. The latter of which lent their talent to Nintendo for select Mario Kart 8 soundtracks, a game that comes to mind regularly throughout ‘Kastopia’.  Music like this where no sole part takes precedence can be a challenge to mix effectively due to a core reference point (typically vocals) being non-existent, but the production on these tracks is so solid. This is likely as a result of the musicians having an obviously adept understanding of their own instrumental tone and capabilities, but also from the pure time and care taken by the producers and mastering engineers to bring out the final dazzling qualities.  The synergy between the Kastopia members is so satisfying to hear. At times, Kastopia are so tight and intuitively intwined that they come across as a sort of hivemind that has a masterful control over all elements of its sound. However, it’s important to remember that Kastopia runs on distinct individuality and personality expressed on each instrument;  Scott Bentley’s adaptive and assertive distorted guitar, the atmospheric and mood-shifting keys from Nicholas Twine Padin, Felix Barret’s bass, commanding the rhythm section with slaps and rumbles and all three at the mercy of William Moore’s relentless and robust drumming. These make up the nuts and bolts of the new jazz fusion super power, Kastopia.  How can Jeeni support artists like Kastopia?   JEENI is a multi-channel platform for original entertainment on demand. We’re a direct service between creatives and the global audience.   • We give creatives, independent artists and performers a showcase for their talent and services. And they keep 100% of everything they make.  • We empower our audience and reward them every step of the way.  • We promise to treat our members ethically, fairly, honestly and with respect.  • Access to artist liaison and a supportive marketing team  Check out Kastopia's page on Jeeni: