Something I Can Feel - Zeeteah Massiah
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Zeeteah Massiah’s new single Something I Can Feel might just be the perfect summer record. Fusing irresistible soca, dancehall and reggaeton rhythms, It conjures up the nervousness, excitement, disorientation and anticipation of new love in a way that everyone can relate to.The song begins as pure danceable pop. Then a dreamlike section that surreally quotes TS Eliot leads us into a stirring anthem before returning triumphantly to the chorus and the final plea to “give me something I can feel”. Zeeteah’s previous release, Wat A Ting, attracted a lot of attention and caused quite a stir with its playful treatment of socio-political themes. Something I Can Feel is a worthy successor – equally compelling, but with a sexier subject. So put on your shades, kick off your shoes, and just enjoy the sunshine.