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Jeeni supports Escape to the Farm

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Jeeni supports Escape to the Farm


Jeeni supports Arms Around the Child’s

Escape to the Farm

Looking for a family day out that supports children in third world countries? Presenting Arms Around The Child’s Escape to the Farm! Located at the idyllic Rushmere Farm in Hambledon, in Southern England's fabulous South Downs National Park, Escape to the Farm is a yoga retreat come summer camp where there is something for everyone. Explore food workshops and pizza making, poetry, eco talks and much more.

There’s something for everyone to explore!

Need some relaxing after a long six weeks holiday? Try one of the yoga, tai chi or meditation groups, guaranteed to help you take some breathing space and let go of all your worries.

With live acoustic performances, storytelling and sound healing, there’s plenty of noise to block out the hustle and bustle of everyday life at Escape to the Farm.

Are you a budding art enthusiast? Try your hand at life and nature drawing and learn a new skill.

Come evening time you can gather around a roaring campfire before heading to bed in a beautiful yurt or tent of your own.

Day Ticket £20

Day Ticket + Lunch & Dinner £35

Camping Per Night £10

Enquire for Accommodation Options

Luxury Accommodation

Yurts & Camping

Escape to the Farm is a fundraiser for the Arms Around The Child charity who are raising money to build a school in Ghana for underprivileged children. Jeeni supports Arms Around The Child, who provide generously for children living in extreme adversity globally. To donate directly to Arms Around The Child you can go to their website Arms Around The Child seek to provide sanctuary, community, warmth protection, education, healthcare, safety, family, equality, love, hope and respect.

Contact Jeeni Ambassador Ellie Milner for more details and get yourselves down to Escape to the Farm for a day of fun that will leave you fulfilled in all the best ways.

Ellie: +447801292553


Weekly Round-Up #10

The latest developments and additions to Jeeni!  New Artists join Jeeni!  New and interesting artists fuels Jeeni's mission, and with the latest additions or talent musicians, that mission is stronger than ever; Luca Chessa: “Luca Chessa Is a passionate and committed music professional, with the talent and drive to succeed. Growing up amongst the vibrant and diverse music scene in Italy, and studying music in London was an environment full of inspiration and stimulation for Luca to feed off. Luca has been gigging alongside different artists as a band member, as well as a session player, playing Rock, Funk, Pop, Blues and R&B.”  Check out his Jeeni Showcase here:   Jada Freeman: “Jada Freeman is a singer-songwriter/producer from East London. She combines her distinctive British tone with captivating RnB lyrics and melodies, creating catchy hooks for her audience to sing along to. Her lyrics delve into topics such as love, the importance of self-worth and the overall tribulations of day-to-day life. A few of her influences are Jhene Aiko, Erykah Badu, and Lilly Allen.”  Here’s the link for Jada’s Showcase:   Big Frank: “Big Frank is a Hip Hop producer from Cornwall, based in London. Since moving to the city in 2017 he has worked as a producer and engineer, and established his sound. His style is a blend of classic Hip Hop sounds, and experimental textures. Expect more releases with the UK underground's best rappers and singers in 2022.”  Big Frank’s Jeeni showcase:   WesLi D:  “Hailing from North West London, artist and producer WesLi D brings a refreshing take to UK underground and alternative rap using a blend of styles; from melodic and bouncy to somber and thoughtful, his expression is not limited sonically by any means.”  Here is WesLi D’s showcase on Jeeni:   Pat Spencer:  “Raised in Bexleyheath, South East London, 23-year-old Pat Spencer has been exponentially growing his music career and experience since his promising musical journey began during the summer of 2021.”  Check out Pat’s showcase on Jeeni here:   New Content Contributed to Jeeni’s Database of Talent!  This host of new Jeeni artists brought with them some of their incredible new music as well as other Jeeni artists which has broadened Jeeni’s database of art massively:  WesLi D - ‘Walk Of Life’ Single:  “‘Walk of Life’ is an enjoyable and upbeat track by WesLi D that presents themes of time and personal growth. The artist reflects on taking time to search and find himself throughout his journey in life as well as not letting his dreams pass him by. This track is relatable for the listener as it describes the growth and changes of a person travelling through life to figure themselves out.”  Check out this chill single here:   Pat Spencer & Joe Sach - ‘Alive & Surviving’ EP:  Pat Spencer’s collaboration with Jeeni artist, Joe Sach “results in a sweet and layered three-track project.” Pat Spencer’s sweet lyrics and vocal talent provide the heart to this project, while producer, Joe Sach forms the body, with day-dreamy and mellow instrumentals.  Check out the review of ‘Alive & Surviving’ here:   Check out Pat Spencer’s showcase on Jeeni:   Big Frank & MazeyJune - ‘Sun Outside’ Single:  “This chilled out hip-hop callback from Big Frank beckons the summer with the help of MazeyJune’s soulful voice. ‘Sun Outside’ sees Frank with his staple effortlessly serene and well-rounded beats accompanying MazeyJune’s free-flowing, enchanting melodies.”  Check out Jeeni’s review of ‘Sun Outside’ here:   Check out the single here:   Jada Freeman - ‘Vibe With Me’, ‘Illusions’, ‘Willingly’, ‘You’re Not the One’, ‘Devil in the White Cloak’ and ‘Trippin’’ Singles collection: Jada Freeman has contributed all six of her incredible singles, including 2021’s ‘Vibe With Me’, “a seductive, inviting and playful single from Jada Freeman. The track has hugely diversified her style and expanded expectations for her work ever since.” After featuring on Jeeni artist, Ace Bermuda’s debut single, Jada joined Jeeni shortly after the review of the track was published on Jeeni’s blog page.  And check out the full review of ‘Vibe With Me’:   Check out her showcase here:   Ariana May - ‘First Love’ Album:  Classically trained singer and composer, Ariana May has recently released the entirety of her debut album, ‘First Love’ on Jeeni. “The album of piano compositions: ‘First Love’, charts an emotional voyage through the depths of the heart. The album possesses a combination of nostalgic, poignant and optimistic pieces that each reflect different stages of a relationship and, on a deeper level, of our mercurial emotions as we experience the elasticity and unpredictability of life.”  Check out Ariana’s incredible showcase here:   Giack Bazz – ‘Giack Bazz Is Not Famous’ Exclusive Single:  Giack Bazz is an alternative Rock singer-songwriter based in London. Giack takes the listener on a tour inside his mind, criticising society and discussing mental health, from love to loss.” ‘Giack Bazz Is Not Famous’ is the title track of Giack’s 2018 album. Deliberately present only on the vinyl edition and now, Jeeni, this single is an exciting and fresh take on indie rock.  Check out the exclusive single here:   New Artist Focus blogs:  In addition to 4 new review blogs, two new biographical, ‘Artist Focus’ blogs have been added to Jeeni’s blog page, . Alana Sukul:   “Brand new to Jeeni, Alana Sukul has contributed five new tracks to several of our channels due to her music casting such a huge stylistic net. Stirring together funk, dancehall and electronic ingredients, Alana Sukul is rapidly building momentum with her unique take on modern pop.”  Cassius Gray:   “Cassius Gray has expanded and diversified Jeeni’s hip-hop, rap and RnB channels with six incredible tracks, each one different to the last and totally refreshing. With casual, effortless rhymes and relatable vibes, Cassius Gray is making huge waves in the UK jazz rap scene.”  Reach out to the Jeeni marketing team at or   Make sure you’re following us on social media to keep up to date with new releases from our artists, our blogs and any job openings.   Instagram:    Twitter:    Facebook:    Linkedin: 


Victorious Festival - Colour of the Jungle

Colour of the Jungle are a five-piece rock band, performing at this years Victorious Festival. The bands captivating songwriting and energy has resonated with audiences from Munich to the South coast of England. The group of five friends jammed for fun before moving to the studio, where they soon discovered their true potential and recorded their debut EP The Jungle Book. Their catchy-but-emotional, approachable-yet-raw sound is built upon sexy bass-driven rhythms and edgy instrumentation. Creating music that sticks in the head and the heart. Following the release of their debut EP The Jungle Book, Colour of the Jungle dropped ‘Steel Tray’. A summer anthem that captures the complex bass lines of John Harris, confident drum beats of Dan Fiford, rhythmic riff and leads of Joe Costello and Brendan McVeagh, and intriguing lyrics of Jack Evans. Inspired by iconic rock and roll greats such as Kings of Leon, Red Hot Chilli Peppers and The Growlers, Colour of the Jungle are sculpting their own identity of modern garage rock. To date Colour of the Jungle have played many festivals. Including Victorious, Wickham, Street Party and Hayling Island Kite Festival. Along with playing many events and venues from their hometown Portsmouth, all around Hampshire, right through to London and also venturing out to Munich… you could say there are truly creating a stir in the jungle. The Pompey band continue to make a name for themselves, gaining an impressive reputation with their live shows. Winning “Best Local Band’ in the 2021 Southsea Folk Awards. Colour of the Jungle at Victorious Festival 2021 Victorious Festival is the UK’s biggest metropolitan festival and returns to Southsea Seafront this this August Bank holiday weekend (27th-29th August). With an excellent line-up including Madness, The Streets, Royal Blood and many more. COTJ will perform a set including music from their new EP ‘Monkey Mind’ on the Seaside Stage at Victorious Festival. Nick Courtney, will present the Seaside Stage, showcasing the best up and coming talent from Portsmouth and surrounding areas. See cruise liners soar past while watching the next big thing. Catch Colour of the Jungle on the Seaside Stage on Saturday 28th August 2021 at the Victorious Festival, Portsmouth. Or check out Colour of the Jungle’s showcase here: Colour of the Jungle | Showcase | JEENI #independent #victorious #festival #portsmouth #jeeni #colourofthejungle #showcase


Artist Focus: Alana Sukul

Stirring together funk, dancehall and electronic ingredients, Alana Sukul is rapidly building momentum with her unique take on modern pop.  Brand new to Jeeni, Alana Sukul has contributed five new tracks to several of our channels due to her music casting such a huge stylistic net. Born and raised in Fulham, Alana is currently studying Popular Performance, Vocals at BIMM, London where she continues to hone her already impressive skills as a vocalist, instrumentalist, producer and songwriter. Only recently, for her more dancehall inspired tracks, has Alana used external talent in the form of a producer to help her capture the tone and intention she has in mind. Aside from that, Alana is a total DIY bedroom pop artist and has done extraordinarily well for herself, particularly with her recent track, ‘Closer’ which currently has over 50,000 listens. Check out Alana’s Jeeni showcase here:   The poeticism in Alana’s lyrics is perfect for expressing emotive imagery that plain language simply can’t. ‘Emotions, heavy like water and you let me drown’, this particular line from ‘Healing’ seems reminiscent of the Mexican idiom, ‘blood is thicker than water’ meaning that family bonds are stronger than that of friends or love; the connection between the two adages is especially relevant considering the heart-broken yet regenerative narrative of this stellar track from 2020.  Although it would seem that the double single of the aforementioned ‘Healing’ and ‘IDNYT’ is Alana’s first release, she actually created a since-deleted concept project in college, as Alana puts it herself, “I made my first EP called ‘Genesis’ purely based around the struggle of mental health and how it can take a toll on one person.’   Nobly, Alana decided that the EP could be too honest and beak a project for fans to initially be exposed to, “I decided at 19 to remove the EP since I wanted to become a better inspiration for those who listen to my music and encourage them more lightly”. Ironically however, the ‘Genesis’ project and the creative decision that it inspired still formed her origin as an artist as is inspired her to begin again with a new mindset. This is when Alana began to work on ‘Healing’ and ‘IDNYT’ from her bedroom.  Alana’s broad sense of style is of no surprise when you consider the colourful collection of inspirations that she collected growing up. Motown, soul and hip-hop have influenced a lot of creative choices from Alana, however Caribbean-originated genres literally run through the veins of her more recent singles. Alana grew up with a variety of Caribbean styles thanks to her parents, “dancehall, soca and bashment have greatly influenced me since my parents are from the Caribbean”.  Alana also has an extensive list of artists she looks up to and dreams to collaborate with, “Vocally, my favourite artists nowadays who have impacted me would be Ariana Grande, Jennifer Hudson, Kehlani, H.E.R, Beyoncé and so much more.” Alana specifically credits Korean group, BTS for inspiring more in-depth meaning behind her music and lyrics. The newest track from Alana, ‘Good to you’ is an atmospheric and stunning single and is available on streaming platforms now. Check it out on Jeeni here:   How can Jeeni support artists like Alana Sukul?   JEENI is a multi-channel platform for original entertainment on demand. We’re a direct service between creatives and the global audience.  artist biography • We give creatives, independent artists and performers a showcase for their talent and services. And they keep 100% of everything they make.  • We empower our audience and reward them every step of the way.  • We promise to treat our members ethically, fairly, honestly and with respect.  • Access to artist liaison and a supportive marketing team.