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Top patent strategist for the Jeeni streaming revolution!

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Top patent strategist for the Jeeni streaming revolution!
Dr Justin Hill

Streaming music start-up Jeeni is determined to give new talent an ethical deal and hand over 100% of the profits to artists who do all the hard work. Jeeni is also determined to protect their artists from the pitfalls and rip-offs that traditionally beset the world of music. So Jeeni is fortunate to have Dr Justin Hill on their side.

Justin is recognised as leader in the field of intellectual property, and is Head of Patent Prosecution at Dentons, one of the world’s top legal firms. Justin says, “Thank you for the opportunity to work with you. Last year, with your support, we were recommended in Legal 500 and as Leaders in Field by Chambers, as well as top-tier patent professionals.”

He goes on to say that Dentons continue to support early stage businesses like Jeeni, “who we believe have world class technologies capable of disrupting existing sectors. Venture tech and accelerator programs keep us in touch with the next generation of technology titans.”



On April 10th seventeen acts from around the world will beat the pandemic restrictions and join together to perform in a virtual festival called JAM, and they guarantee complete unknowns will get equal billing with world-famous headliners. Grammy Award nominee Barrington Levy contributes from Jamaica, in defiance of the Covid virus. Spanish youngster BlueVein will multi-track his own backing from his bedroom. Number One Billboard Dance Chart star Zeeteah Massiah will appear in her own spectacular James Bond movie sequence. Indie rocker How Mean will perform from his grandmother's house in California. Daisy Chute, the lead singer with platinum-selling supergroup All Angels, performs live from her home in London with newcomers on the other side of the world in Australia. Grammy-Award winner Skyler Jett, whose Record Of The Year with Celine Dion for Titanic is the highest-grossing movie theme of all time, will perform his latest track with complete unknowns dancing in lockdown on every continent in the world. And more artists will beam in their contributions from Detroit to Brighton, from Northern Ireland to Rhode Island. The producer of JAM is Mel Croucher, veteran founder of the UK video-games industry, and creator of the world's first million-user viral marketing campaign. Mel says, "Members of my team have made it to the top. We've been responsible for over 500 million record sales over the years, we've pioneered the online music revolution, and now we're giving something back to help unsigned independents and new talent in an industry that all but collapsed in the face of Covid. We've got Paul McCartney's Wings Over Europe double-decker bus ready to roll out as a mobile live venue, and we can't even think about using it until the crisis eases. So we've gone online. This is our third online festival, and by far the biggest. And it's absolutely free." Mel goes on to explain why it's called JAM. "The Festival is a collaboration between three organisations. The J is for my own company Jeeni, where performers showcase their talent and keep 100% of everything they make. The A is for AmplifyX, based in Los Angeles, where you invest in artists you believe in. And the M is for MultiView Media, an amazing streaming platform where fans get to be the director and control the action." The JAM Festival is at 12 noon Los Angeles time, 8pm London time on Saturday April 10th 2021, free to live stream on: For further information etc...


4 reasons why the current music-streaming model is not working.

The global pandemic has exposed major problems in streamed music. Musicians couldn't tour or give live performances, so they have become reliant on revenue from their recorded music. Now, a shocking inquiry by the UK Government shows that even successful, critically acclaimed artists cannot live off their streaming revenue. But there is an alternative. Jeeni is a platform that puts control back into the artist's hands. On Jeeni, performers and creatives keep 100% of everything they earn, and thousands of artists are already on board, with an audience outreach that has grown to over two million. In fact Jeeni's growth has been so successful that they have turned to crowdfunding to expand their capacity to meet demand, and raised over £61,000 in a few days. The Government report reveals 4 reasons why the current music streaming model is not working: 1. Even successful artists get pitiful returns from streaming Fair reward is a performer's right to share in the recording revenues of a song by law, regardless of their royalty rates and their outstanding debts. However, streaming means that performers are paid according to the terms of their record deal. Depending on when they started out in their careers, their royalties can fall to as low as 2%. At Jeeni the artists get to keep 100% of everything they make, no limits. 2. Pay disparity between song and record rightsholders The current revenue share from streaming gives the record label the majority of a track's revenue. This comes from a model that applied to physical sales, where labels had overheads such as manufacturing, storing and transporting CDs, cassettes and vinyl. This leaves songwriters and publishers with the smallest share of revenue, even though they are vital to the creative process. Music creators and publishers are furious with this model. It's outdated and unfair because these overheads don't apply to digital music production. 3. Just three major music companies control the majority of the market Digital piracy and new technologies like streaming have disrupted the traditional music industry, and led to a state of play where three major labels now have a 75% share of the UK recording market. They also dominate music publishing, which is the part of the industry that deals with the rights to the words and music of a track. Jeeni's CEO & Founding Director Dr Shena Mitchell says, "Although technology has moved on, the approach is still the same as the bad old days, where streaming platforms act more like A&R agents and only select the music they like, dictating what listeners get to hear. At Jeeni we are very proud that our vision is based on democracy, where we give all artists the opportunity to post their videos and showcase their talent, for us to market them to a global audience". 4. 'Safe harbour' and copyright infringement 'Safe harbour' lets tech companies that host artist's content get away with being criminally and financially liable for copyright infringement. This allows users to consume music for free, and it creates a so-called 'value gap', because revenues for music from ad-funded services are significantly less than those from paid-for services. Here at Jeeni we refuse to take any advertising unless it's by an artist for their own tracks or services, and we make sure our artists retain all copyright and ownership of their own tracks. If you like the sound of what we do, then check out Jeeni's campaign HERE and join the list of supporters and celebrities who are flocking to the cause. You can invest from as little as £10 to claim your share, be part of the Jeeni success, and say NO to creative performers getting ripped off. *Capital At Risk


Ace Bermuda - ‘WTF is Ace Bermuda?’ (Feat. Jada Freeman & Profiiit) Single Review

If the elusive, grand and electrifying Ace Bermuda were a TV show, ‘WTF Is Ace Bermuda’ would be their theme song. The collective’s first official release perfectly encapsulates the group’s innovative intentions and collaborative nature.  The first official emergence of Ace Bermuda has been literally years in the making and although they took their sweet time to release a track, the debut has smashed all expectations. Brand new to Jeeni, we’re so lucky to catch this group at the genesis of their refreshing and wild style of alt hip-hop/electronic fusion.  This act consists of a core partnership of Jake Thomas and Jacob Richardson, two evil-genius producers, who work overtime for the chief himself, Mr. Ace Bermuda. The semi-retired industry legend watches from a distance and nods his approval as the two do his creative bidding.  ‘WTF Is Bermuda’ is a living, breathing organism which shifts and morphs around whoever takes to the mic at any given time. Where other electronic based producers might copy and paste chunks of identical audio to flesh out a track, the Bermuda beat-makers give each bar attention, care and detail. Similarly, neither feature steals the show, but instead are balanced and work together incredibly well.   American rapper, Profiiit brings a stone-cold iciness to the middle section of the track. His second verse is accompanied by a harsh, yet distant synth that snakes alongside his un-faltering bars and propels the part even higher. East London’s Jada Freeman sing/raps her smooth, and captivating featured verse as the track begins to peak and wind down. The reverb settings and panning given to her vocalisations brings an ethereality to her voice which adorns the outro with charm and beauty.  A potential reason behind Ace Bermuda's ambiguous sense of identity is also subtly addressed here on the group's debut single, another reason why this track is important to the act's timeline and history. A repeating verse heard at the beginning of the track and throughout, criticises those who value their image above a message that they could be expressing, "Look, another self promoter, spread your face, not your voice". This ideology was infamously held by the late MF DOOM; the masked rapper was known for occasionally sending imposters in his stead at live shows to outline the unimportance of his actual identity. This is an interesting stance in the music industry, which luckily has been continued with acts like Ace Bermuda. Check out Ace Bermuda’s showcase on Jeeni:   The Ace Bermuda masterminds have a lot more up their sleeve. Follow the group on socials:  Instagram:   Twitter:  Facebook:   They also have an upcomming live show with ‘Naytiive’ at Fiddler’s Elbow, Camden on the 12th of February:   How can Jeeni support artists like Ace Bermuda?   JEENI is a multi-channel platform for original entertainment on demand. We’re a direct service between creatives and the global audience.   • We give creatives, independent artists and performers a showcase for their talent and services. And they keep 100% of everything they make.  • We empower our audience and reward them every step of the way.  • We promise to treat our members ethically, fairly, honestly and with respect.  • Access to artist liaison and a supportive marketing team.