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Top patent strategist for the Jeeni streaming revolution!

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Top patent strategist for the Jeeni streaming revolution!
Dr Justin Hill

Streaming music start-up Jeeni is determined to give new talent an ethical deal and hand over 100% of the profits to artists who do all the hard work. Jeeni is also determined to protect their artists from the pitfalls and rip-offs that traditionally beset the world of music. So Jeeni is fortunate to have Dr Justin Hill on their side.

Justin is recognised as leader in the field of intellectual property, and is Head of Patent Prosecution at Dentons, one of the world’s top legal firms. Justin says, “Thank you for the opportunity to work with you. Last year, with your support, we were recommended in Legal 500 and as Leaders in Field by Chambers, as well as top-tier patent professionals.”

He goes on to say that Dentons continue to support early stage businesses like Jeeni, “who we believe have world class technologies capable of disrupting existing sectors. Venture tech and accelerator programs keep us in touch with the next generation of technology titans.”


Greetings from Kelli Richards, Jeeni's USA MD

Kelli Richards Greetings from Kelli Richards, Jeeni's USA Managing Director, former A&R Executive EMI Music and an artist superconnector. Mentored by Steve Jobs at Apple, she launched and managed the music and entertainment division, resulting in the birth of global music online, now known as Apple Music. Here she sends greetings for 2021 and an update on her plans and ideas for shaping a path through this, another possibly unusual year. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi, Greetings! It's our first newsletter of 2021 and I want to wish each of you a happy and healthy 2021! This past year has been a tough one for everyone. I don't know about you but I'm looking forward to a fresh start, exploring new opportunities and renewing my passion for the possible. Be sure to scroll down and read my recent articles which may help you make 2021 the best year ever. Yes, it's possible. Even with the "new normal" we're living in. It's about having the courage to ask for what you want, and the willingness to make changes and adjustments that will support the habits and behaviors that work towards your success not against it. It's about defining what success looks like for you and setting your intentions for the year. It's time to take life off of "pause" and start re-shaping your future. In my work as a trusted advisor, I'm all about working with my clients to transform the quality of their lives. If you need some guidance or support in navigating what's next, reach out and let me know. And, be sure to read the current Client Spotlight article featuring a start-up I've been working with and super excited about, MultiView Media. This platform enables content owners in music and sports to stream historic video content or livestream shows in a multi-camera angle format and has been described as technology that lets the fan be their own director.Stay safe and well,~Kelli The Magic of Asking for What You WantDo you believe you can have virtually anything you want? I do. We all have a magic wand that can help us achieve our desires, but we forget that we do and overlook the power at our disposal to dramatically increase the odds of having what we say we most want in our lives... Client Spotlight: MultiView MediaI'm excited to share that one of the start-ups I've been working with over the past couple of years, Multiview Media, led by founder/CEO Ray Meadham has launched our multi-camera angle streaming platform... Nine Steps to Making Change EasierChange doesn't have to be hard; here are some tips to make it a smoother process...


26,426 views of Jeeni Blogs since we launched Crowdcube

With 5 days to go on Crowdcube we are reflecting on what we could have done better and how we could have improved our campaign, as well as on our successes. Even though we "bust a gut" working 7 days a week for 5 months, we always want to reflect and improve where we can. Both Mel and I are academic in terms of looking at all the options and possibilities and like to analyse our work, and most days we take time to look at how things could be improved. We are not critical of each other, just honest and reflective in an open and supportive way. Jeeni, the social music platform that brings artists closer to their fans and shares revenue ethically, has successfully raised over £340K on Crowdcube across three rounds. If you want to see our pitch click HERE. As part of the campaign we launched which has been a huge success and we have had over 26,426 active views, and my LinkedIn has over 12,000 followers. LinkedIn has become my preferred social media and we have genuinely started moving away from Twitter and Instagram. I find it much more professional, interesting and informative. So as part of our learning we are going to learn how LinkedIn can best support Jeeni going forward. Our Facebook Group Independent Musicians and Performers has also been a huge success with over 2,500 new and active members with organic growth, and over 1,300 posts, comments and reactions with no advertising spend, engaging with over 30,000 unsigned artists with a zero cost of acquisition. Click HERE to visit or return to


Big Frank & MazeyJune - ‘Sun Outside’ Single Review

This chilled out hip-hop callback from Big Frank beckons the summer with the help of MazeyJune’s soulful voice.  London based chillhop producer, Big Frank releases his first single since his brilliant ‘Phases of Nature’ album from 2017. Another new Jeeni artist, Big Frank’s resurgence on the scene is certainly one to watch and Jeeni can’t wait to build up our soul, hip-hop and RnB channels with his upcomming tracks.   His 2017 album fully showcased Frank’s understanding, appreciation and prowess in instrumental hip-hop. Although some of the best producers often release unaccompanied beat tapes and projects such as Madlib and the late J Dilla, it seems now that Big Frank is looking to collaborate, beginning with the up-and-coming MazeyJune.  ‘Sun Outside’ sees Frank with his staple effortlessly serene and well-rounded beats accompanying MazeyJune’s free-flowing, enchanting melodies. Frank does well to leave plenty of room for Mazey to shine with scaling vocalisations and expressive passages of lyrics. The steady strums of a nylon-stringed guitar bounce around and reverberate across all other parts of the instrumental and it creates an almost eerily large space in which the single sits. This, along with nearly unplaceable background notes and drones provide a strong sense of atmosphere for this short, yet promising single.  MazeyJune’s voice is fluid, dark and velvety smooth. Occasionally, her soulful and wavering vocal tone is reminiscent of Celeste and other times, she steps low and deep like the legendary Nina Simone; an adaptable and impressive voice from MazeyJune.  Considering how well ‘Sun Outside’ turned out, let’s hope that this single means that more is coming from both Big Frank and MazeyJune. Check out the brand-new single here: And check out Big Frank's showcase on Jeeni here: How can Jeeni support artists like Big Frank?   JEENI is a multi-channel platform for original entertainment on demand. We’re a direct service between creatives and the global audience.  album review album review album review • We give creatives, independent artists and performers a showcase for their talent and services. And they keep 100% of everything they make.  • We empower our audience and reward them every step of the way.  • We promise to treat our members ethically, fairly, honestly and with respect.  • Access to artist liaison and a supportive marketing team.