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Profiiit ‘Alexander’ Album Review

/ By Doug Phillips
Profiiit ‘Alexander’ Album Review

This indulgent and impressive album from East Coast rapper, Profiiit might be his most creatively realised and polished project yet. 

Relatively new to Jeeni, Connecticut rapper, Profiiit has taken the hip-hop and rap channels to another level with his hard-hitting and thoughtful brand of introspective US rap music. He has recently contributed the entirety of this new album, ‘Alexander’ to his showcase. Check out his showcase on Jeeni here: 

Throughout ‘Alexander’, Profiiit refuses to fall into the rut that so many rappers succumb to; repetitive beats, aimless song structures and uninspired lyrics. The way that Profiiit crafts these tracks, gives the impression that they’re important and demand your attention. Sometimes, Profiiit won’t feature his vocals until halfway through a track, because he’s not afraid to allow other components, features and instruments to shine and have their own moment before he contributes his poignant lyrics and flow to the pieces. 

Possibly inspired by Kendrick Lamar, recorded spoken word samples heard throughout add an intimate and real level of substance and insight into Profiiit’s life and backstory. Something that makes a huge difference compared to other artists is Profiiit’s evident prowess in editing down tracks, trimming off fat and streamlining his work. The songs get to the point when necessary and take their time at other moments, depending on the tempo and momentum held in the album’s listen. 

A tasteful and moving use of samples can be expected across this album, particularly in closers ‘Sodapop’ and ‘Red Baron’. Instead of just chopping up samples to construct the instrumental/beat and repeating sections over and over, samples are sometimes played unaccompanied for impact and as an effective means of progressing the tone and mood of the songs, this can be heard in ‘Yale (Josephine)’. 

A perfect selection and amount of featured talent embellish ‘Alexander’ without distracting or diminishing from Profiiit. Peso Dollaz provides a melodic, trap-esque verse for the second half of ‘sant_thegod’ that does well do diversify both the track and the entire album. East London Jeeni artist Jada Freeman provides her soulful singing for some essential backing vocals and hooks in ‘Triggaotto’. And the talented and upcoming Cool Que gives a semi-sung mumble-rap verse on ‘D.R.E’ which is a fantastic contrast from Profiiit’s clear, and distinct rapping. 

A fantastic and layered project from Profiiit, listen to it in full on Jeeni here:  

How can Jeeni support artists like Profiiit?  

JEENI is a multi-channel platform for original entertainment on demand. We’re a direct service between creatives and the global audience. 

• We give creatives, independent artists and performers a showcase for their talent and services. And they keep 100% of everything they make.  
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Giack Bazz - 'Childhood Dream' Album Review

Back in 2016, Giack Bazz released his first album, ‘Childhood Dream’. The debut of the Italian singer-songwriter is a dazzling and transportive dive into nostalgia, sentimental imagery and grief. After losing his mother at a young age, Giack had a mountain of un-processed emotion that he had to unleash, and ‘Childhood Dream’ is packed to each corner with every truth and painful memory Giack had to give.  Although Giack has now expressed his talent and creativity across many ground-breaking projects, including a giant 366 track album as a part of ‘The Royalty Instrumentality Project’, it can sometimes be incredibly insightful to reflect on the origins and context of fascinating and experimental artists. By looking at where an artist has been, in contrast to where they currently find themselves, you can gain an informative, albeit condensed idea of their journey as a person as well as a creative. In many ways, this beautifully in-depth debut inadvertently set out a loose blueprint for Giack’s future as an artist.  In comparison to Giack’s later work, ‘Childhood Dream’ tends to have a more fundamental and focused attitude to instrumentation and production techniques. The simplicity and clarity in these stripped-back arrangements end up giving the album a charming and effective tone as it doesn’t distract from the source of the bitter-sweet narratives: Giack’s voice.   Speaking of Giack’s voice, it's so expressive and rich in this album which is only enhanced with the use of double-tracking which fills the stereo space up with his emotional intent. Giack harnesses deep-set and perhaps previously under-processed feelings and thoughts in his performances. As he put it himself, “The album is the closure I needed to my childhood. It is an acknowledgement, the acceptance that the dreams we have and the rose-tinted glasses we have are painful to remove.”  In terms purely of songwriting and production choice, ‘Morning’ is a clear highlight for me on this album. The decision to have thrashing, distorted guitar with no accompaniment other than Giack’s voice works so well in the choruses and draws attention to the part instead of masking it with layers of bass and drums. The reverb on the two parts that make up the song creates a clear physical space causing an authentic sensation of atmosphere and immersion.  The joyous home-video samples from Giack’s childhood, heard in the title track, have a slightly melancholic and touching intention relating to how he honours his late Mother. As Giack put it, “The songs have some noise collections from my family tapes and it's a way to honour her memory and to tell her that I understand why she tried to keep the truth.”  This album is often dark and pained, especially in the penultimate track, ‘Piazza Roma’. Although (unlike the others), the track is exclusively sung in Italian, I don’t believe understanding the lyrics is necessary to comprehend the pain in this harrowing and anguished piece. In the verses, the guitar is exhausted as though it itself is emotionally drained. It sluggishly carries the jangling chords all by itself, as Giack gives a similarly tired, yet determined vocal performance. Just before the choruses, a pause can be heard as though Giack is about ready to resign to grief, yet triumphantly, he rises up to sing his heart out in his native tongue.  With the ‘This Is the Beginning’ intro and ‘This Is Not the End’ outro, Giack opens up his personal origin yet refuses to close it at this point because although, as Giack stated, that without his childhood bereavement, “I’d be someone else”, the grief does not define him. He therefore leaves the album open and even ends it as it begins, with a repeating sole note on the piano, implying optimism, self-growth and a strength in accepting his past. A stunningly poignant close to this expressive and emotionally challenging debut.  How can Jeeni support artists like Giack Bazz?   JEENI is a multi-channel platform for original entertainment on demand. We’re a direct service between creatives and the global audience.   • We give creatives, independent artists and performers a showcase for their talent and services. And they keep 100% of everything they make.  • We empower our audience and reward them every step of the way.  • We promise to treat our members ethically, fairly, honestly and with respect.  • Access to artist liaison and a supportive marketing team  Check out Giack Bazz’s Showcase on Jeeni:


Artist Focus: Ariana May - Singer, Songwriter

Ariana May is a 16-year-old British singer-songwriter whose classical training in piano and singing from an early age has culminated in a deep love of composing and performing. Her style is a pot-pourri of alternative, pop, indie, rock and folk music. Ariana has a wide compass of influences: ranging from Kate Bush, Supertramp, AURORA and Birdy to Johannes Brahms, Leonard Bernstein, Michael Legrand, John Barry and Justin Hurwitz.  Her passion for musicals and film soundtracks has led her to work on writing and orchestrating her own musical based on a classical novel, set in modern-day. Loving poetry so passionately has made her profoundly invested in writing metaphorical lyrics to help portray the emotion in her songs.  Ariana May’s aim is for her songs to move people and to help free their trapped emotions.  “Express yourself honestly and without any inhibitions” is Ariana May’s motto. Suffolk Bay is Ariana May's debut single, a highly nostalgic song about reminiscing over a romance that never even happened. The synergy between the wistful tune and the crashing waves will unlock your forgotten memories.  You can watch our full interview with Ariana May here: Ariana May Inside Story Interview. Where she talked about her influences, inspirations and how platforms like Jeeni are helping artists like her to promote their work to a wider audience. Check out Ariana’s Showcase at:


Tony Klinger joins the Jeeni Team

JEENI is proud to announce their new Ambassador, the award-winning film maker and writer, Tony Klinger. Klinger has made internationally acclaimed documentaries including The Festival Game (Jack Nicholson and Ronnie Scott) and Extremes (Supertramp), both currently grabbing the headlines alongside his book The Who And I about his exploits producing The Who movie, The Kids Are Alright. Tony says, “I was thrilled to be invited to become an Ambassador for JEENI. I applaud and echo their ethical approach, and I was equally excited to engage with their amazing team when they offered me the opportunity to share my knowledge of the music business, film making and creativity.” Tony Klinger Klinger’s fascination with ways of sharing the creative processes with business and commercial know-how has seen him instrumental in Artists United, bCreative and his organisation. “I discovered this need for sharing and spreading knowledge when I was a university academic,” and his outstanding success led to his students winning many awards leading to illustrious professional careers.Klinger makes it very clear, “I want to be involved in projects that continue and grow my dream to enable everyone to enjoy their creativity. Jeeni is another big step in this search, without me being sanctimonious or unreal, it still excites me, and also enables our audience to fully enjoy and think about the world we share.”