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Extremis Publishing

The award-winning audiobook partners of Jeeni.

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Richard Murray - Inside Story

The brilliant Belfast alt-country star in an exclusive interview about his relationship with Jeeni.

Creature. Inside Story

Exclusive Creature. Inside Story with Holly Tarrant.

Rain by Bradley Jago

Rain - a beautiful, honest and revealing track from Jeeni favourite Bradley Jago.

Inside Story - Bradley Jago

Bradley Jago exclusive interview with Frances Miller

Cold, by Martha Eve

Cold, the new single from Jeeni discovery Martha Eve

Nayana - Inside Story

Inside Story interview with Nayana by Frances Miller

Final Curtain, by Joseph Hunt

brand new release from Diamond In The Rough EP

My My My, by Patrick Kenny

Written and performed by Patrick Kenny, dancer Maica Lopez, Paul Booth saxophone.

Wat A Ting, by Zeeteah Massiah

Title track from the new album by Jeeni Ambassador Zeeteah Massiah

Inside Story - the making of Wat A Ting

Zeeteah Massiah, the inside story on making her new album Wat A Ting

Always In Your Corner

Pete Wyer's christmas 2022 special

Baby Girl, by Zeeteah Massiah

Baby Girl from the wonderful Zeeteah Massiah

In My Mind, by Izzy T

Izzy T - In My Mind, directed by Shan Snowling

Jam Of The Month, by the magnificent Samuli Federley

The Finnish Fireball plays a blistering guitar solo ... play it loud and play it proud!

Westbound City Train, by Chuck

Punk Rock Banjo Sessions, by Chuck, Westbound City Train, Clubhouse

Dublin City, That Old Man Is Me, by Mick Citern Walsh

Recorded at Joseph Faoilain's Studio, Freshford, Couynty Kilkenny. 6 string guitar, Mandolin, Bouzouki, Bass, by Joseph O Faolain. Violin by Lotta Virkkunen, Vocals, 12 string guitar, Harmonica by Micj Citern Walsh.


Eddie Keller, Zenith - official demo. Bonne écoute et merci a tous ceux qui on travaillé dur sur cette chanson pour la faire naitre. Merci à eux : Ecriture & composition originale - Eddie Keller. Lead guitar - Ondřej Rožnovják. Bass - Steve Küster. Main guitar - Eddie Keller. Cajon & shakers - KevZedDrums. Keybords - Babyleke Kisaka. Voice - Sarita olé. Mastering - Steve Küster. Video editing - Ethan Carey

Own It, written and performed by Gail Storr

Own It, by Gail Storr: with Guitar - Richard Hatton, Bass - Amber Ackerman, Drums - George Hattersley

Relentless, by Jim Redmond

This is an original song I wrote from a drummers perspective. I had just bought my new "Pearl Eliminator Demon Direct Drive Pedals", and "Footblaster" Bass Drum Triggers. This is my first studio song I recorded using them. Double Stroke technique from 2:34 -3:14. Recorded at "Boho" Studio's Salt Lake City,Utah by Bruce Kirby. Jared Johnson-Guitars,Bass. Jim Redmond Drums.

Polar Bear - the Lost Verses volume 1

A Big Big shout out to Neil Hunt for once again doing an amazing job shooting and editing this video!!! Another big shout out to John Snow and Pierre Poitras for joining me on this project!! Much love guys, appreciate the support!! Huge shout out to Mark Fahie (Fahie Music Productions) for the absolute amazing job engineering/mixing/mastering this track!! You killed it brother!!!

Wash Away by 13th and East

Official video for our song, "Wash Away". Thanks for voting for us, 13th&East.

Wrapped, by Stephanie Bimont

Wrapped, by Stephanie Bimont, inspired by the early sequences of Mel Croucher's videogame Deus Ex Machina 2.

Over And Over Again, by Faye Maloney

Faye Maloney, with thanks to Martin O'Malley at Malbay Studio for the recording and backing music

Sereh Beu performs All I got

All I Got, by Sereh Beu and The Flying Dutchman

Gardener's World, by Henry Buckton

This is a song dedicated to Gardeners' World, arguably the best Garden Centre in the West Country.

Dahria Bahrin - Lonely Nights

Lonely Nights by Dahria Bahrin special thanks to Hardmasada. Paukl Carver, Johnathan B, Larry Howarth, Ernest Geernaert, Steven R Skorich, Wagner Stein.

Wisdom First - Browneproject

Written, produced and composed by Chris Browne BrowneProject on Hat Man Can LTD Records all rights reserved.

Homeless Go Home

Words and music by Mark Handley copyright ©

Spiritual - Lasha Meunargia

სული-ერი /Spiritual /ლაშა მეუნარგია/ Lasha Meunargia/LASHAMAN

Morning Light - Samuli Federley

Here’s a clip for you from my upcoming music video for Morning Light. It’s a bit different kind of song I’ve done before and represents my pop side in the style of John Mayer. Includes Fender strat and vocs.

The Steepest Hill, by The Minnows

Previously unreleased, ‘The Steepest Hill’ is a ‘song for our times’ reflecting the everyday struggles that people all over the world are facing on a day-to-day basis. As Raff explains: “It’s really an ode to the pressures of modern-day life but with a message to tell people they aren’t alone and to keep going, keep climbing and one day, you’ll get to where you want to be.”We hope you like our video - filmed during rehearsals for our forthcoming gigs, at which we look forward to giving the single its first live performance.

Amate Mas - Julieta Rose

Es tiempo de aceptar nuestros defectos y reconocer que somos imperfectos.Hay que amarnos un poco másY cuidar nuestro estado mental.

Naëve - L.A.M.E. (Losers Always Make Excuses)

London based singer songwriter and 'genreless' Old school music composer. Naëve is a modern Alice in Wonderland. She is the innocent eyes of a child that sees the world with optimism in spite of everything. Her songs sublimely incorporate soul, Motown, Old School R&B, rockabilly, rock'n roll, Gospel, Swing Jazz, Blues and much more.

Home Grown Blues by Ohibo Paronti

Brand new track from EP released tomorrow.

Sistas- by Zeeteah Massiah

The brand new single from Jeeni Ambassador Zeeteah Massiah, SISTAS - official music video.

O Mio Babbino Caro by Susan Bar

O mio babbino caro, aria, (G.Puccini) by soprano Gilda Siniscalco and Susan Bar

Burnout, by Sun Lite

Burnout, by Sun Lite

I Believe In You, Samira Prentice

Samira Prentice new single, I Believe In You

Starting To Wonder - by The Crawling Eye

brand new single from The Crawling Eye - Starting To Wonder

Terra Ingognita, by Rai Kah Mercury

Rai Kah Mercury - Terror Incognita (Official Video)

Spread The Wind, by Julia and Christina

Spread By The Wind by Julia Germann (hang) and Christina Germann-Chiari (guitar

Tell Me With Your Eyes by Witch Of The East

Witch Of The East performs Tell Me With Your Eyes

Wife Priviledged, by The Hootz

The Hootz - check out this great video on Wife Priviledged

Trauma, by Sufi

official video of Trauma, by Sufi

I'm So Done, by Hamster

I'm So Done, produced by Hamster

Song For You, by Not Ned

Not Ned, official music video of Song For You

The Cold East Wind, by Nathan Eve

Nathan Eve, solo acoustic guitar, The Cold East Wind

Pourquois tu vis - Eddie Keller

Eddie Keller, Pourquois tu vis

Wonderland, by Georgia Jay

Georgia Jay - Wonderland, official lyric video

Hillbilly Bone, by Johnny Bronze

Live accoustic of Hillbilly Bone by Johnny Bronze

My Love, By Sand Rain

Sand Rain performs My Love

The Lazy I, It's A Depression

It's A Depression by The Lazy I

My Gold, by Taurud

official lyric video of My Gold, b y Taurud

Full Time Job, by Kue Lee

Great ballad from Southern Soul Sensation, Mr Kue Lee

Happy Maha Shivratri

Sree Lakshmi presents Happy Maha Shivratri

Seaside Ropeladder - Jesus Hooligan

Jesus Hooligan presents Seaside Ropeladder. You have been warned!

Haute Couture, by Jacques Pellarin

Jacques Pellarin, accordionist extraordinaire - Haute Couture

Just Like Living, Chardonnay

Full MV shoot of Just Like Living from Chardonnay, OneRoots Studio Special Thanks to Ferry Magno Baltazar.

The Bothers Comatose, Harvest Moon

AJ Lee and the Brothers Comatose perform their brilliant accoustic version of Harvest Moon.

Amnesty, by Friends Of Merlin

join the cause and protest! Friends of Merlin demand Amnesty

The Eleventh Step, from 13th & East

Lost Time ... 13th & East official lyric video of The Eleventh Step

Welcome Artists

What you get when you join Jeeni as an Artist.

Caravan, by Nathalie Delhaye

Nathalie and the trio channel Duke Ellington

Pro Procrastinating, by Suplex Machine

Suplex Machine, Pro Procrastination, puppets, camera and editing byt Paul Bratt

Internet Friends, by Witch of the East

Witch of the East presents Internet Friends

One Calm Boy - Wardub.

QMotive, One Calm Boy - Wardub, official video, produced by Brunx Beats.

Town Tramp - Emma Garriott

Act 1 Scene 2 of Town Tramp, by Emma Garriott

Bart Vansteenhuyse - The Jogger

The Jogger (Official Music Video) is one of the singles on the album 'Aerobic Dance' by artist and Composer Bart Vansteenhuyse. There are also shortened and alternative versions available that can be used immediately for your project, such as Tiktok videos, films, documentaries, advertising, sync...

A Very Saxy Christmas, Thomas Ray

Party medley of Christmas favourites, Thomas May, Saxophone

Ethiopia Salaam Salassie, by Bounty Hunter

Emperor Salassie celebrated in this joyous song

Sing Me to Sleep, by Alan Walker

Harmonica virtuoso Alan Walker performs Sing Me To Sleep

Crazy, by Nolan

Nolan performs his original protest song Crazy

Nightvision, by Bart Vansteenhuyse

Official Music Video for Bart Vansteenhuysen's Night Visionf

HAPPY HALLOWE'E'N! I Used To Be A Werewolf, by the Bone Idols

Happy Halloween! by Mark Handley and The Bone Idols, I used to be a Werewolf ... but I'm All Right Noooooow!

Emma Garriott - An Open Letter

An Open Letter To An Old Friend, by Emma Garriott

In The Moment by 13th & East Band

13th & East Band, official video for In The Moment

The Wellerman, by Johnny Bronze

Johnny Bronze performs Wellerman traditional sea shanty in glorious African style.

Trick Me, Hannah Kah

Official music video of Trick Me, by Kah

Sur La Route De Madison, par Eddie Keller

Eddie Keller - Sur La Route De Madison

Living Again, by 13th & East

13th & East, official video of Living Again

Valse des Amoureux d l'Ombre, par Stephanie Bimont

Stephanie Bimont, piano composition Valse des Amoureux d l'Ombre

Picture The Whistling of the Wind, by Mick Citern Walsh

Mick Citern Walsh, Picture The Whistling of the Wind

Gustavo Gustoken performs Peces

Peces (con guitarra criolla) - gustavo gustöken

Barrington, No Man's Land

NO MAN'S LAND, REGGAE MASTER BLASTER Get ready to groove to the rhythm of reggae at the NO MAN'S LAND, REGGAE MASTER BLASTER event! By Barrington

Julie Christie reads "A Visit from St Nicholas", by Clement Clarke Moore.

Classic Christmas Poetry, "A Visit from St Nicholas" by Clement Clarke Moore. Read by Julie Christie

Anti-Freeze - Breakfast Please!

Anti-Freeze Breakfast - Please! [Official Music Video] by Leftie Qi]uixote

Hey Santa, by Georgia Jay

Diorgia Jay performs Hey Santa!

Pause Reflect, by K.A.B.

K.A.B - Pause Reflect (Debut Album Trailer)

The Wind That Shakes The Heart

Andy James presents - The Wind That Shakes The Heart by Boykitik

You Are An Angel by AMT

AMT Christmas release, You Are An Angel (with extended intro)

Scotland The Brave, India The Bold

The Snake Charmer, Scotland the brave Bagpipes in a punjabi version . Bringing together two different worlds of music from Scotland and India that is fueled by the same fire. When Scotland the brave meets India the bold, This musical fusion mix between scottish celtic music and punjabi music is an ode to several similarities between the people of Scotland and that of India.

Forged Steel, by John Budden

Forged Steel - The lyrics are about the memories of an old knight who fought in many battles.Written by John Budden. John Budden on Vocals, John Budden on Guitars, Phil Jones on Bass, Phil Jones Drums and Engineering .

Puzzle, Bless Ray

Bless Rey PUZZLE (LOOP) - Special guests Lalo Carrillo & Armando Chapa Garcia

When You Say Nothing

Brooke Spencer performs live - When You Say Nothing.

El Tesoro - Estreno!

Estreno! EL TESORO Disco Pare, mire y escuche Bajista de sesión Criss Grabado DEBÓS estudio Compartan! @seguidores.mp4

Untitled, Paul Ashenden

Untitled, Paul Ashenden

Sweet Thing, Circle of Fifth

We're thrilled to officially welcome MJ Frulla Aquino as our new lead vocalist!

Death Valley Gypsies - San Francisco Fans

Death Valley Gypsies - thanks to our fans

Crave, by Seren

Mastering Engineer: Ahmet Sakarya. Seren performs Crave

Horns Actually, by The Stray Horns

featuring Mike Smith, Antony Stevens, Jamie Brownfield, Susan Lambert-Smith

Vedic, by Sufi

Official video of Vedic

Care 4 You, from the Wavee Collective

VOCALS @moodyy.wav BEAT & MIX @pierree.wav/@instaschmeckes MASTER@yung.rox REGIE@rosahofbauer KAMERA@juliusprechtl/@ewiemil CAMCORDER@instaschmeckes SCHNITT@ewiemil/@juliusprechtl MODEL@szenti2268 CAST Vitus, Emilio, León, Malte, Finn, Livia, Lara, Lara, Sofia, Fanny, Fernanda, Nora, Nil, Elsa, Ronja, Paul, Mikis, Mahmoud, Mika, Fabi, Timea, Elias, Hannah, Mete, Konstanza, Rosa

Anna Laura Colombana - El Choclo

Flute Pancake, by Anna The Dove

The Garden, performed by Mark Venus

written by Mark Venus and Mike Barnsley, video by Chris Whitham

Life Is A Wave, by The Empty Page

official video - Life Is A Wave